भारतीय ko Bonjour!

Of course, the second in terms of population, we are spread in every corner of the world. Interestingly, facts confirm that there are more than 265,000 Indians in the areas Zify operates in, in Europe. We then decided to dedicate this post to all the Bharateeya Janta out here with us.

Has not been long since Zify got to France, that paths are being paved in our favor. What started in India as an adventure, has now reached the Eiffel Tower. And until today, it feels like a Utopian dream that our office is located in the heart of Paris.

Before proceeding, for the experience, expansion and support, we thank the French Government for Awarding Zify - A French Tech Ticket to operate & Develop in France . Also, thanks to the biggest organizer of tech events in Europe- Startup Sesame .

Zify 's Developer & Community Manager with Startup Sesame ' s Joanna KIRK .

Back in 2015, with a dedicated team and one-point goal, we are now the leader of Sustainable Mobility Service in India . Nevertheless, now we have a validation that Indians are ready for carpooling.

Although, Europe is a mature market, it is all about incorporating sustainable transportation, where Zify poses to have a huge opportunity. Back in India with a taste of success, we would like to achieve similar heights in Europe as well. And why not, with all the support of our fellow Indians here, anything is bound to happen.

So .. There are two kinds of Indians in Europe we observed:

  1. The ones who find it expensive buying a monthly pass and face hassles with "Bhai, which line to take"?
Pffft! The confusing metro lines to crack.

2. The people who buy cars and pay a fortune from gas tolls thinking "Itna? India me rehte, toh iska half hota". Then using our optimal solution, why not you split your costs?

When 1 Euro = 73 INR, the above is a nightmare.

Our solution to the environment:

As you are possibly are aware of Zify by now, our solution is very simple. Unlike classical carpooling that would not work, our AI based apps connect riders or drivers who share similar routes with you. That way, imagine, you move around in an eco-friendly way & at costs lesser than auto rickshaws! Additionally, you do not have to face the embarrassment of asking "Kitna hua". That’s a cool add-on: through our seamless Zify-Wallet payments, you can chit-chat en route with new people & not feel awkward about payments.

What is our next move?

We do not want to convince you to carpool! Yet, our intention is to inform, how we all as Indians can contribute to our own pockets, planet and in turn to the success of an Indian firm in EU. Think about it, would not you be satisfied with commuting greener to work or school?

With time, we at Zify will strive to form our own ecosystem in Europe. Because this is not just what Indians want, but everyone does!

You and us together can make Europe commute better. Do not hesitate to contact us & Do not forget to follow Zify on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook & LinkedIn. We will keep you updated regarding our whereabouts.

Convinced? Go Download the Zify app and let's show the world our planet!

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Jai Hind!