Reducing Starts from You!

Our steps from destruction to conservation

Often and increasingly, we hear people talking about rapid urbanisation, technological advancement and apparent growth. But don’t these measurable terms obviously mean more vehicles, congestion, pollution, irritation and tension?

For a fact, in the years to come, there will only be a bullish increase in the demand for travel. “All, just to support the quality of human lives in the communities we exist in.’’

Unfortunately, over the past 15 odd years, there is a prevalent climb in the carbon emissions. What we fail to understand is, there are some real costs attached to every decision we ever make and every action we ever take.


It seems quite enough! Enough, because every one of us, knowingly or not, has been a significant part of today’s hot-looking planet. Lets all agree being a fair contributor to the well-known climate changes, soil erosions, contaminated air, undrinkable water and more complications. Watch the video below to see how productive mankind has been since its very beginning.

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Burdened thoroughly, the planet can take no more.. no more of the threatening, devastating and traumatising human deeds!

Keeping every aspect intact in our DNA, from September 2015, Zify is glad to have contributed remarkably in the lowering of Green House Gases (GHGs) and make people commute greener. With roughly around 60,000 tons of carbon emissions being saved on our platform, we are proud to be filling up empty seats in cars while connecting millions of people who travel. All this is just the beginning to our endless journeys for a better planet. However, it is essential to understand what impact it makes to our present and the next generations’ future:-


Although we keep repeating ourselves on this very aspect, reducing starts with YOU. Each of our individual actions make an impressive difference to the ever-changing world. It begins with you reading this article and altering your way of commute. Effectiveness is all a matter of what choices one makes to alter his or her lifestyle and now is the time to change!



How is it any of our rights to jeopardise lives of the generations to come? If possible, be of help to building nature and not a reason to its extinction. One needs to contribute, not to be remembered, but to be responsible. The future is in our hands, individually & collectively. What we make of today, determines how lives of the future are shaped.


When one carpools, it is not just the environment which is victorious but pockets as well. Zify carpool solutions are meant to be shared. On our platform, one shares more to earn more. This way, we make tiny efforts to bring together people who share similar routes which contributes to having lesser cars on the roads.


People want to contribute, yet don’t know how and where to start from. Come on! none of us would mind doing good to our planet. So, lets help do our tiny bit to fabricate the threads of sustainable commuting. If you’ve wondered how to contribute, start from your commute.


To all our loyal users and potential new users, we thank you for being a part of our contribution. Next time you choose Zify, keep in mind that you are contributing to something real.. a real contribution that our future generations would appreciate.

Further the damage caused to the planet, worse will human lives get.

Convinced to alter your modes of commute and mark an essential change:- Zify it now!

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