Zify New Release!

When the Techstars Paris program came to an end in December 2017, La Française des Jeux & Zify joined forces in order to go beyond the traditional carpooling service. We have been working closely together to make the most of this collaboration.

After a few weeks of collaboration, we decided to implement all the Ile-de-France FDJ points of sales in our Zify app so that carpoolers may use them as predefined pickups and drop off points. No more stress waiting for a carpool on the side on the road, no need to wait outside and sweat under the scorching sun or get soaked under the rain.

Now, while waiting for their carpool, people can also grab a coffee or play a scratcher in FDJ points of sales.

It’s safer, easier, less stressful: it’s better carpooling!

We are thrilled to work with FDJ and constantly do our best to improve commuters’ daily lives.

Zify app with new FDJ pickups and drop off points

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release and it’ll improve your daily commutes.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Be Happy. Be Zify!