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Announcing the FIRST VAULT PROJECT— Hold ZIG to earn SHIB! 🐕

ZIG Holders to earn 500,000,000 SHIB! 💰

Hi Ziggys,

We hope all of you are making the most out of the 1 MILLION ZIG POOL that we announced earlier. To set this straight, we would like to express that with the Zignaly Vault, we have envisioned a true path to Financial Freedom for YOU, the Zignaly user. This initiative goes above and beyond just one-off earnings and offers a consistent stream of passive income (on top of the Profit-sharing services) to help YOU materialize your life goals. Making use of the CeFi protocol, we aim to not just provide you with ongoing earnings as a token of appreciation for your trust in us, but also disseminate knowledge regarding fundamentally sound projects… AND knowledge combined with financial resources goes a long way. The Zignaly vault is here to stay! 💪

With that said, we would now like to announce the FIRST of many external pools, starting with SHIB 🐕 — Hold and maintain over 1000 ZIG to earn 500,000,000 SHIB! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the SHIB community for making their presence felt with unending support and trust in the Zignaly ecosystem. It’s high time that Ziggys learn (and earn 😉) more about the SHIBA ecosystem and we take inspiration from the team Shiba’s enormous success 🚀. The pool goes LIVE on the 5th of December and the rules are as simple as they get — Hold 1000 ZIG or more in your Zignaly Wallet to earn a proportional amount of SHIB from the pool. Following are the parameters for this pool:

  • Pool starts: 5th December 2021 📆
  • Pool ends: 18th December 2021
  • Snapshot frequency: Every day at Random times 📷
  • Minimum Balance Required: 1000 ZIG
  • Total Reward: 500,000,000 SHIB 💰
  • Reward Distribution starts: 19th December 2021 📆
  • Reward Distribution ends: 1st January 2022
  • Reward Distribution Frequency: Every 24 Hours over 14 days ⏰

If you haven’t already, please read our blog on the Vault mechanics (Partner Rewards) to develop a thorough understanding of the operations, as there’s a lot more coming your way! ;) — So HOLD your ZIG coins on the Zignaly wallet now to be eligible for not only the SHIB pool but also the ongoing 1 Million ZIG Pool. If you haven’t already deposited your ZIG to the Zignaly wallet, follow our guide here and let the good times roll! 🙇 🎊

Team Zignaly

Get your ZIG coin on the following exchanges:

  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here

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