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Introducing Zignaly Branded Polygon Warrior NFTs — Powered by BitKeep

Here’s your chance to win 30 whitelist slots for Zignaly branded NFTs, in addition to 10 slots in giveaways!

Team Zignaly is incredibly excited to announce the ‘Zignaly branded Polygon Warrior NFTs’powered by Bitkeep, exclusively available to Zignaly users!

About Bitkeep:

BitKeep is a decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet dedicated to providing safe and convenient one-stop digital asset management services to users around the world. They are now serving nearly 5 million users across 168 countries. BitKeep has formed partnerships with top 30 chains including Polygon (MATIC), Solana (SOL), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), HECO, OEC, TRON, Fantom (FTM), Wax, IOST, Avalanche (AVAX), zkSync, Terra, Near, and Arbitrum, and become their official recommended wallet. With 50+ main chains, 8000+ DAPPs, and 4,500+ cryptos supported, Bitkeep aims to provide the most convenient and easy-to-use decentralized portal to users. They have a diverse set of offerings:

  • NFT Market — Equipped with an “all-platform” search capability to optimize your NFT investment journey, the aggregated multi-chain NFT Market allows users to make a purchase with any token.
  • A DeFi-focused Crypto Wallet — Dedicated to the DeFi market, BitKeep discovers and identifies quality DeFi projects for you to explore the DeFi world with ease and peace of mind
  • BitKeep DApp Store — The DApp Store that you can navigate with ease in one minute. Enjoy seamless, simple, and secure access to the blockchain and all decentralized applications. The DApp Store makes it easy for users to search for and use any DApps

Join the thriving BitKeep community: Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Benefits for Early Adopters of the Zignaly Branded Polygon Warrior NFTs:

  • Within 30 days after the minting event starts, holders will be selected in a lucky draw every day to get a reward of 100 BKB
  • The chance of getting BKB is affected by luck points.
  • You can get luck points by completing invitation tasks.

Click here to learn more about the Polygon Warrior NFTs and how it gives you an opportunity to earn BKB in rewards!

Jumping right into the NFT raffle guideline: 📖

  • If you haven’t already, signup on zignaly.com, also make sure you’re on our official discord server! 💻
  • Deposit at least 5,000 ZIG in your Zignaly Wallet, where 5,000 ZIG equals 1 ticket. Hence, the more ZIG you hold, the higher your chances to win the whitelist spot! 🎫 — Don’t have ZIG? You can either get your ZIG directly on Zignaly.com or buy from one of our exchange partners (Huobi, Gate.io, AscendEX, or MEXC), and make a transfer to your Zignaly wallet.
  • A total of 40 Zignaly branded Polygon Warrior NFTs will be created by BitKeep
  • Raffle to be hosted for 30 whitelist slots on https://raffles.zignaly.com/project/zignaly-branded-polygon-warrior-nfts-powered-by-bitkeep
  • The raffle runs from: 10 AM UTC, 17th May 2022–10 AM UTC, 18th May 2022 ⏰
  • White-list slots available: 30 via raffle 🎫, and 10 in giveaways 🎁
  • To determine eligibility, we will take a snapshot of the ZIG balance in your Zignaly wallet associated with your account address provided to us. 📷
  • 30 lucky winners will be picked randomly from the list of eligible participants, who will be notified via email & discord. 🎫
  • Retweet/Like/Tag 3 friends on our announcement tweet and win up to 10 whitelist spots in the giveaway!
  • The winners will be immediately informed about the next steps, after the raffle. Note that winners will have a limited time to follow the post-winning process, as minting starts on 19th May ‘22.

Excited about your very own Zignaly Branded Polygon Warrior NFTs? What’s the hold-up — sign up on zignaly.com & hold at least 5,000 ZIG or more to get a shot at winning your very own Zignaly NFT!

Team Zignaly

Get your ZIG coin on the following exchanges:

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