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Introducing “Zignaly Bridge”

The Latest offering to allow all ERC20 coins to Bridge from Ethereum to Solana

Hi All,

Today we are extremely excited to announce that the ZIG coin will soon be available on the Solana Chain, allowing us to tap into a vast universe of efficient and highly scalable infrastructure. This is also our first step towards choosing a chain that we can confidently plan to use for the future, across a range of uses, such as NFT-based insurance protocols and other beneficial products that we aim to introduce for Zignaly users to enhance the marketplace model.

At Zignaly, it has always been about scratching our own itch, using ourselves as actual customers first, and then productizing for our customers, once we feel we are truly providing something great that we would use ourselves. Similarly, while creating the Solana bridge, we realized that the associated cost concerning development & security might be too high for a lot of projects and partners. Hence, we are proud to come up with a solution and announce that our bridge will be open to all — allowing other projects to adopt and use our infrastructure to help their users bridge the assets from ERC20 to the Solana Chain. And we are happy to provide this service as it ultimately benefits our Zignaly customers, partners, and ZIG supporters alike.

Projects that adopt this new Zignaly Bridge will utilize the ZIG coin, mechanics of which will be disclosed in future posts, near the go-live date.

In the future, Zignaly plans to add even more chains to Zignaly Bridge, allowing movement between all relevant and popular chains, as well as providing a bridge for ZIG to all of those chains.

If you are involved in a crypto project and interested in learning more about working together, reach out to us at: brb@zignaly.com

Get your ZIG coin on the following exchanges:

  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here.

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