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🔥Introducing ZIGPAD!🔥

ZIG Holders and Zignaly users to benefit from the latest launchpad for Crypto’s hottest projects! 🚀

Hello Ziggys 👋,

With the Cryptosphere experiencing exponential growth, the industry is seeing a major influx of new, quality blockchain projects. Several top-tier Launchpads have been introducing investors to thoroughly vetted, high-potential blockchain projects, many of which are ambitiously tackling longstanding real-world problems.

Before we take a deep dive into the ZigPad, we would like to share success stories from some of the industry’s leading launchpads to date.

What have the launchpads achieved so far… 🎯

The team at Binance has launched 60 projects raising $125 Million+ 💰, from over 3.1 Million users! They have launched projects that went out to be MASSIVE 📈, to name a few; MATIC, HARMONY, WAZIRX, THE SANDBOX, INJECTIVE PROTOCOL, 💪 and the list goes on. That was just one of the many launchpads, and to put things in perspective, let us share industry-wide success stories:

With the success stories covered, let us move to the basics: what is a Launchpad and why do we care? 🤔

As the crypto industry is expanding, several new projects are dependent on investors to raise capital 💰. The last few years have presented us with a huge number of Launchpads. Launchpads, or incubators, are platforms that allow blockchain-based projects to raise funds in return for access to early-stage token sales for their backers. Getting access to early-stage sales means a discounted price for the backers before the public launch on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Launching a project through a launchpad offers security to both founders and investors. Top crypto launchpads have a rigorous vetting process for new projects. Additionally, launching the project through a launchpad provides founders with access to a community of crypto investors and enthusiasts, ready to support a deserving project. 💪

Putting it more simply, a Launchpad is an essential tool that connects crypto investors with high-potential projects looking to sell their tokens at a discount to early investors. In essence, the process is similar to how Zignaly connects you to your favorite pro traders on the profit-sharing marketplace! Let’s go through the launchpad value exchange in further detail:

  • Investors — Early investors tend to get the tokens at a discount and enjoy their returns as the token becomes available on the exchanges. 📈 💰
  • Projects — By launching their projects through a launchpad, founders get the capital to fund their operations. Additionally, they get exposure in front of a massive community of crypto enthusiasts on the launchpad. 💰 💪

Enter ZIGPad 🚀

We’re designing the ZIGPad to be extremely user-friendly! No hassles at all, just log in to Zignaly and enter into the sale 😃

As the Zignaly ecosystem grows and flourishes, we find ourselves in a unique position to introduce YOU, the Zignaly user, to blockchain projects backed by highly talented and determined teams who have managed to create unique products and are currently looking for funding. Let’s call it a major step up from the Zignaly Vault, where we are introducing you to well-established projects. With the ZIGPad, we are yet again ready to provide you with another stream of passive income backed by early and discounted access to high-potential blockchain projects! 💪 💹

To boost your confidence, let us share that Zignaly is backed by its Top VC partners in this initiative — and we’re working closely with them to vet a handful of high potential projects for YOU, with the first one coming out VERY SOON 🕐! We will soon be sharing more details on the ZIGPad mechanics and the first offering…so stay tuned and excited! 😁

– Team Zignaly 🙇

PS: If you represent an upcoming Crypto project and would like to learn more about the ZIGPad, please email us at brb@zignaly.com.

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  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here

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