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Launching $PGEM Vault with up to 580% APR!

Hold or Deposit $PGEM in Zignaly wallet at Zignaly.com and earn from a 400,000 $PGEM Pool!

Hello everyone,

With the $PGEM IDO already ~200% subscribed with ~24 hours to go, the Zignaly and Polygame teams could not resist giving back to the ZIG and PGEM believers. As a token of appreciation, we’re thrilled to announce the ‘Hold PGEM to earn PGEM’ vault — Participating in PGEM IDO on ZIGPad or another launchpad or later on, buy from the market — holding them on your Zignaly wallet at zignaly.com is a no brainer because we’re offering up to 580%+ in APR!

Yes, you got that right, we’ve set the reward at 400,000 $PGEM, offering a crazy APR of 580%+! This ‘PGEM for PGEM’ vault sets a precedent of offering optimized returns on YOUR investment choices on the ZIGPad.

Before we move to the mechanics, here’s a reminder that you can still pledge ZIG to the $PGEM IDO as our fair sale mechanism ensures that everyone gets a piece of the pie. The more ZIG you pledge, the more PGEM you get!

Shedding light on the vault mechanics:

  • Pool starts: 31st March 2022
  • Pool ends: 12th May 2022
  • Snapshot frequency: Every day at Random times
  • Total Reward: 400,000 $PGEM
  • Reward Distribution starts: 13th May 2022
  • Reward Distribution ends: 24th June 2022

Note: Any additional $PGEM deposits or vesting tokens received during the snapshot period (31st March — 12th May) in your zignaly wallet will contribute towards the eligible balance, resulting in a better yield. APR can vary depending on the participation.

Wondering what you have to do to earn $PGEM from our vault? Not much, deposit or hold on to PGEM tokens on your Zignaly wallet, and earn a whopping 580%+ APR.

– Team Zignaly

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