Launching Z-Score: Zignaly’s AI-Powered Investment Revolution

Seamless Investing backed by AI-backed Insights



Today, Zignaly introduces the highly anticipated AI-powered Z-Score, set to revolutionize Crypto investing forever. This is a sea change for investors as we lay the foundation for a future where AI leads to optimized decision-making & seamless trading performance assessment, leaving no room for uncertainty.

The Z-Score is backed by a team of Quant Traders and ML experts who dive deep into a vast dataset of over 25 Million trades from the past 6 years. The Z-Score uses intricate weighting and multifaceted factors, such as profitability, risk, and service & profit:risk balance, to score Traders and identify the best ones for the Investors on Zignaly. Not only that, but the Z-Score will be available to the Z-Prime traders to enhance their experience further and optimize returns for their communities.

With Z-Score, the focus expands far beyond profits. The AI evaluates a range of factors, all with one mission:

“Only the best traders are made available to the investors.”

AI-backed insights on a Trader’s Performance in Four Key areas; Profits, Risk, Service, & Profit:Risk Balance

Let’s dive into each category and understand the unique role it plays in performance assessment and traders’ scoring:

  • Profits & Benchmarking: Is the trader beating the market, or would the investor have coped better holding leading tokens? Z-Score takes into account a range of metrics including the Sortino ratio & days in profit count. This is a key consideration in the Trader’s Z-Score and a novel attempt to introduce benchmarking in the Crypto sphere in line with traditional markets. The max score for the category is 27.
  • Risk: Trading without effective risk management is an unfavorable approach. Z-Score takes into account a range of risk metrics, including Max Drawdown, Sharpe ratio, & Leverage utilization among others, in order to gauge the trader’s risk profile, which is then displayed on their service card alongside their Z-Score. At Zignaly, we place a profound emphasis on risk management, and it is a pivotal component in the assessment. The focus is not just on profits but also on the risk carried to secure them. The max score for the category is 30.
  • Service: The Z-Score factors in the scale of total assets under management by the trader, alongside asset & Investor growth, and the age of the service. Having a dedicated category for service helps build Investor confidence. It allows the underlying AI to differentiate between making a 50% return on $1,000 in AUMs and achieving the same return while managing $1 Million+, assigning weights accordingly. The max score for the category is 25.
  • Balance: Is the Trader striking the right balance between Profits & Risk? This builds a correlation between risk and profits, backed by the Risk to Reward ratio. Essentially, having the right balance between the above-mentioned categories boosts the Balance sub-score. The max score for this category is 18.

Result: Investing made easier than ever before…

Backed by AI-powered insights, the Z-Score makes investing seamless, removing indecisiveness and uncertainty from the Investors’ minds. Removing all the ‘Ifs’ & ‘buts’ from the equation, all that Investors need to decide is their risk profile, and voila… you have a list of Z-Scored Traders to invest with. The Z-Score is set to establish itself as the industry standard for evaluating trading performance.

The Underlying AI at Work:

*Computations in the shared graphic are not up to date

Observing the Z-Score in action: The AI scrutinizes the trader’s performance in real-time. In the depicted graphic, a comprehensive analysis is conducted, delving into computations segregated by distinct categories: i) Profits, ii) Service Management, iii) Risk Management, and iv) Balanced metrics. On the far right, the AI assesses whether the Trader meets the predefined criteria, eventually determining their risk profile and Z-Score.

Z-score — A Growth Catalyst to Zignaly & $ZIG

While the Z-Score enables AI-powered investments, it also fulfills an essential role in promoting the sustainable growth of the protocol, which directly reflects on $ZIG. Leveraging AI, Zignaly connects Investors with top-tier traders, translating into increased profitability and ongoing revenue growth. Under the new ZIG BuyBack & Burn program, the protocol utilizes the earnings to buyback & burn $ZIG, solidifying its status as a deflationary asset.

About Zignaly:

Zignaly is a web 3.0 AI-powered, revenue-generating Social Investment Platform for the new generation, connecting the World’s best Fund Managers with Digital Asset Investors. Zignaly provides a marketplace where over 500,000+ users connect with 150+ veteran Portfolio Managers who manage $125 Million+ for a share in the profit. Official Broker Partners with Binance, Bybit and partnered with some of the top players in the Digital Assets Space, Zignaly has scaled from 20,000 to 500,000+ users in 1 year.

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