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Launching Zignaly‘s ’Vault 2.0’ — serving YOUR interests better than ever before!

Get ready for tons of new vault staking partners and ‘ZIG Boosted’ APR 🚀

At Zignaly, we are always adapting to new technologies and trends. Before we tell you about this announcement, let’s go back to November 29, 2021. That was the day we launched our first ever ZIG vault. It’s hard to believe that was only a few months ago, considering how much we have accomplished since then.

8 months, ~22 vaults, over ~$1 Million distributed in rewards, and over 430,000 backers just like YOU!

We have gathered a lot of data from our various vault programs, like SHIB, MANA, SAND, and others. We have also considered your feedback. Because of this, we are rolling out additional features to the Zignaly vault. This will help us serve you better and make it easier to work with potential vault partners. The upgrades to our Vault infrastructure mean that we can work with more vault partners, offer a higher APR, and generate more passive income for you!

What’s new?

1- The staking mechanism evolves — With Zignaly Vault 2.0, we will require YOU to manually stake your ZIG to each Vault of your choosing.

For instance, if you prefer Vault Partner 1 over Vault Partner 2, stake more of your ZIG token towards Partner 1!

You don’t have to worry if you change your mind about a particular Vault. You will have a set number of days to unstake, depending on the program. We are also considering the possibility of allowing instant unstake for a small fee. The details of how this will work will be revealed very soon with our second vault program. Plus, we’re adding the ability to increase your stake during the course of the program.

2- Reward Distribution basis — The base currency for reward distribution may vary based on each new program. We may choose between ZIG and Vault partner tokens. Considering two scenarios:

Vault with ZIG as distribution basis — “Hold Partner token to Earn ZIG”

Vault with Partner token as distribution basis — “Hold Partner token to Earn Partner token”

3- APR booster — With the minimum ZIG requirement now tied to all the vaults, we are introducing APR Boosters! Put simply, the more ZIG you stake, the higher your APR and reward allocation, effectively making it ‘Double Staking’. Here’s an example of the ZIG-based APR Boost structure.

Considering a vault opens with 50% APR, and a minimum requirement of 5,000 ZIG stake — the boosters come to play when you stake ZIG over and above the minimum requirement. As the example table suggests, holders pledging 15,000 ZIG get an APR of 1.1x (or 55%). Likewise, the APR goes higher with each tier. The last tier for those pledging 1,000,000 ZIG or more gets an astounding 85% APR, which is 70% higher than the first tier. Hence, a higher number of ZIG staked towards the vault will significantly raise your APR!

4- What happens to your unstaked ZIG? Your unstaked ZIG coins will still earn returns, just like they do now. The monthly ZIG vault will be turned on automatically as soon as you deposit your ZIG coin to the Zignaly wallet.

Note: The above-mentioned numbers are based on examples and may vary from program to program and can be adjusted at any time without notice.

We believe that the Zignaly Vault 2.0, with its updates, will help us become more flexible and be able to work with more vault partners. This will be good for you, the ZIG holder, because it means that you’ll receive better services. You can be sure that we are always looking out for your interests and we will do everything we can to help you make the most of your ZIG holdings. Each additional basis point puts you closer to real financial success!

We appreciate your feedback as it’s a vital part of our continued success. We stay committed to hearing from you on our official Discord server about the Zignaly Vault 2.0. Stay tuned for the first program under the Zignaly Vault 2.0 rolling out very soon!

— Team Zignaly

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