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Now you can pay the Trading fees in ZIG!!

Reshaping the previously announced trading fee rebates, you can now pay trading fees using ZIG and get a 15% discount!

As part of our efforts to bring even more value to Zignaly users like you, and making ZIG coin an integral and beneficial part of the Zignaly experience, we’ve been announcing multiple utilities since the launch of ZIG, going back to April 2021.

As ZIG is now integrated inside the platform via the Zignaly Wallet, we have decided to further improve the previously announced “Trading Fee Rebate” program to something even better: Users will now be able to use ZIG to pay the trading fees on the Zignaly Exchange Account, whether for trading or our profit sharing service! And, Zignaly will now offer a 15% discount for the first 12 months from the launch date, with additional discounts down the road during various campaigns and events. 💪

To explain further, assume a spot trader comes in to buy 100 ETH, each priced at $4500, the trade volume would be $450,000. Assuming a 0.1% trading fee, the trader will get 449,550 worth of ETH, that is 99.9 ETH, as $450 will be deducted in the fees. At this point, Zignaly will refund the $450 back to the trader, and charge the trading fee in ZIG equivalent to the trader’s Zignaly Wallet after applying a 15% discount, that is $382.5 worth of ZIG. Note, that the trading fees refund will always be in USDT. In short, you get to pay your entire fee in ZIG — AND get a discount on the fee by doing so!

Important to remember, if the user doesn’t have enough ZIG to cover the trading fees, Zignaly will not do a partial fees discount.

A few key points to remember: 💭

  • Price of ZIG to calculate the equivalent $ value will be determined using the best liquid exchange rate at the time of charge.
  • Going forward, Zignaly can change the mechanics based on community feedback and other dynamics. Our goal is to make this system helpful, cost effective and incentivizing for as many Zignaly users as possible.

This utility will go live very soon, so stay tuned for the Launch date! 😄

Get your ZIG coin on the following exchanges:

  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here

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