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5 min readJul 27, 2022


Zignaly came into existence in 2017 as a marketplace for novice Crypto investors to delegate their investment management to seasoned traders. Ever since the platform has evolved and adapted to change in a bid to provide exceptional services to our ever-growing user base. From subscription-based models like signal providing and copy trading to transitioning to the revolutionary Profit-Sharing model, where investors pay traders a fee only when they turn up a profit. We have come a long way, serving over 430,000 users and $125 Million in assets under management. Our profit-sharing model has seen colossal success, with thousands of our users and seasoned traders achieving true financial freedom backed by our fair earning mechanism.

Traders listed on the Zignaly Profit sharing marketplace have produced returns between 300% — 800% during the last 12 months.

Looking at the statistics, it’s evident that Zignaly’s Profit sharing model works and achieves what it intended to. However, we are just scratching the surface here, while the true potential of this technology remains untapped. Over the years, our team has gathered valuable data from different marketplaces on the platform, and based key business decisions on it — with one and only one objective:

“To become the best social investment platform for anyone anywhere on the planet.”

To achieve this goal, our profit-sharing model is all set to undergo its biggest transformation to date, with a focus on providing a seamless user experience, freedom of choice (backed by the addition of new traders, agile balance management, and hard disconnection), and transparency.

Enter Profit Sharing 2.0!

  • Our Profit sharing 2.0 technology offers a seamless user experience — With our slick new aesthetics and upgrades under the hood, we have made the Profit-sharing investing experience as seamless and fluid as it gets. On your end, all it takes is one single click to start copying one of our top fund managers. No hassles, no running around in circles — it just works, while you sit back, relax and spend your time the way you want.
  • Profit sharing 2.0 gives you the freedom of choice that you truly deserve — We have made significant improvements to the legacy Profit sharing technology. Among them, the most prominent developments are:

A variety of new traders to choose from — thanks to the all-new API-based connectivity feature, Zignaly is now highly accessible to veteran Algo traders and power users. Traders now can directly integrate their trading algorithms (or trading platforms of choice) to their services on Zignaly — which means, you can expect an influx of highly seasoned traders, making our profit-sharing marketplace diverse and loaded. With no minimum investment amount and a wide array of services to choose from, you will find yourself in a much better position to create customized ‘indices of services’.

Disconnections and balance management becomes agile — Our soft disconnection is much more agile now, but on top of that, Investors have an option to go for a hard disconnection, which redeems your funds from a service INSTANTLY! Thanks to this feature, you can unlock your liquidity at a click of a button and switch between services at will. No need to wait for that progressive disconnections anymore! In addition to that, you can now set profit reinvestment and withdrawal allocations and also reduce allocation to a service without the need to disconnect.

A look at our enhanced accounting system that allows agile balance management and hard disconnections!
  • Upholding Transparency like never before — we have built Profit sharing 2.0 to be transparent like never before. We now offer a marketplace with higher performance visibility, both simple and advanced trading statistics for power users, and soon a rating-based service review system that helps you choose the right service. With Profit sharing 2.0, we are redefining ‘social investing’ — you will see traders now much more engaged and involved on their feeds and social accounts. The idea is to ‘humanize services’, and get to know the person(s) behind them better, which again contributes to Zignaly’s unparalleled transparency.
Get to know your fund manager better than ever before!

At the core of the Profit-sharing 2.0 technology, our ideology of having the traders’ incentives tied to yours’ stays fully intact — and that is one thing that has remained constant throughout this update. With our fresh approach toward Profit-sharing, Zignaly aims to help you make informed investment choices backed by access to diverse investment options, enhanced visibility of the marketplace statistics, and most importantly, increased agility when it comes to balance management and disconnections.

Are you up for disrupting the social investing space with Zignaly, yet again? Join Profit-sharing 2.0 waiting list to get early and exclusive access to the most awaited update at Zignaly. We look forward to building the best social investment on the planet, with you. 💪

– Team Zignaly

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