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Strategic Alliance between GDA Capital and Zignaly 💪

We’ve partnered with GDA Capital to give you access to the hottest new crypto launches! 🚀

Hello Ziggys 👋,

We’re back with more good news 🎊 — Zignaly has formed a strategic alliance with one of our top investors GDA Capital to give you access to the BEST and HOTTEST 🔥new crypto projects on our brand new launchpad — the ZIGPad! We have been fortunate to have a top-tier global investor like GDA since day one, and we firmly believe that with this step, Zignaly will become one of the top crypto launchpads in the world — which means unprecedented access for Zignaly users.

About GDA:

GDA Capital performs advisory services for digital asset companies, including go-to-market strategies, partnerships PR, community, and tokenomics development. Their team has vast experience taking brand new technologies to market, as well as helping existing companies accelerate their growth. The GDA network is composed of global partners, industry experts, and entrepreneurs with an unparalleled level of experience. They have worked with some of the largest blockchain projects in the world and have experience in all sectors and markets! 💪

We have come a long way with GDA Capital as our investor and partner in growth: they are not only our token investors but also our strategic advisors. Their guidance has been invaluable for us, and we look forward to working with them on this incredibly exciting new growth vehicle for Zignaly and our users alike. The scope of this alliance spans far beyond just introducing us to new projects for the ZIGPad, as the GDA team has a diverse skill set and are top subject matter experts on project vetting, go-to-market, tokenomics development, research, and public relations. In short, they are blockchain veterans who will help us vet and filter quality projects for YOU! With this, we hope to empower a new era of high-quality crypto projects as part of our mission to help you achieve true financial freedom.

Go ZIGPad and GDA! 🚀 💪

Get your ZIG coin on the following exchanges:

  • Gate.io — Click here
  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here

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