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The April ’22 ZIG Vault is here!

1,200,000 ZIGs are up for grabs in April — hold at least 10 ZIGs in your Zignaly wallet to qualify!

Hello ZIG Holders!

With the March ’22 ZIG Vault coming to an end, we are delighted to announce the ZIG Vault for April ’22 has opened. This is an opportunity to earn up to 1,200,000 ZIG worth a whopping ~$55,000 — and all you have to do is hold 10 ZIG or more in your Zignaly Wallet. Have questions about the Vault mechanics? Get more info here!

Our monthly staking program continues to build additional income streams for ZIG holders around the world, realizing their financial goals one Vault at a time. Here are the Vault parameters:

  • Pool starts: 0:00 UTC, 1st April 2022
  • Pool ends: 23:59 UTC, 30th April 2022
  • Snapshot frequency: Every day at Random times
  • Minimum Balance Required: 10 ZIG
  • Total Reward: 1,200,000 ZIG
  • Reward Distribution starts: 1st May 2022, 12:00 AM UTC
  • Reward Distribution ends: 30th May 2022
  • Reward Distribution Frequency: 24 Hours

Deposit ZIG on your Zignaly wallet and start earning from our April ’22 ZIG Vault now!.

Learn more about ZIG.

– Team Zignaly

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