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ZIG is NOW launched on QUICKSWAP!

Provide ZIG-QUICK Liquidity to earn QUICK!

Hello Everyone!

We’re back with another exciting news! With support for Polygon (also referred to as Matic Mainnet) added to the Zinglay bridge, a new ZIG farm is now launched on Quickswap, our latest farming partner with TVL on Polygon exceeding $650 Million. This means the traders can now provide ZIG-QUICK liquidity to earn QUICK in rewards!

The Zignaly Bridge

To start earning, fund your Polygon wallet with Quick and bridge your ZIG coins to the polygon chain. Confused with bridging your ZIG to polygon? Read our detailed blog here!

To provide liquidity, go to Quickswap:

  • Click ‘Connect to a wallet’ on the top right side of the page that opens, select ‘Metamask’ and proceed with approving the connection between your wallet and Quickswap. Make sure that the wallet network is set to ‘Polygon Mainnet’.
  • Once connected, tap ‘Pool’ from the top menu bar and ‘Add Liquidity’ on the following page.
  • On the ‘Add Liquidity’ section, opt for ‘Quick’ on the top cell and enter ZIG (or the contract address: 0x7bebd226154e865954a87650faefa8f485d36081) in the ‘Select a token’ cell.
  • At this point, enter your ZIG balance, and an equivalent QUICK balance will be automatically calculated. Now, tap ‘Approve ZIG’ and proceed with ‘Supply’. You will now receive the LP tokens in your wallet.
  • Now tap ‘Farms’ > ‘LP Mining’ from the top menu bar, and you will be redirected to the Farms page. search ZIG-QUICK (you can type it on the search column).
  • Tap ‘Deposit’ on the ZIG-QUICK farm and click MAX to deposit all your LP tokens. Approve and sign your metamask pop-up window and tap ‘Deposit’.
  • That’s it… now you can start earning QUICK!

Happy Farming!

Get your ZIG coin on the following exchanges:

  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here

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