Zignaly and KuCoin Wallet join forces to make ZIGBids fully compatible and accessible through the KuCoin Wallet!

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2 min readSep 29, 2022


With the ZIGBids DeFi auctions platform all set to Disrupt the $20 billion strong NFT space & beyond, we are thrilled to share that Zignaly and KuCoin Wallet are joining forces to make ZIGBids fully compatible and accessible through the KuCoin Wallet! With this, we wish to extend our offering to the vast KuCoin Wallet user base making quality auctions reachable to a larger number of users! Zignaly strives to benefit the communities of our Partner projects, and this move opens new doors for the KuCoin community as they access quality auctions on ZIGBids.

KuCoin Wallet is dedicated to creating a secure environment for buying, storing, and displaying your NFT collections with self-custodial rights, giving users full control over their private keys. We believe inclusion of such a partner in our network will go a long way and help Zignaly enhance its offerings further.

Wait there’s more… over the next few days, Zignaly and KuCoin Wallet will launch community campaigns with lucrative reward pools in ZIG and other tokens — so don’t miss out! 👀

About KuCoin Wallet:

KuCoin Wallet is the official wallet of KuCoin with over 20 million active users worldwide. KuCoin Wallet aims to build a secure, user-friendly, and professional wallet with the support of the KuCoin ecosystem.

You can always benefit from the powerful ecosystem consisting of KuCoin, KuCoin Wallet, KuCoin Community Chain, Windvane, and KuCoin Pool.

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About Zignaly

With over 430,000+ users globally, the Zignaly platform and marketplace are leading the Social Investing revolution by connecting regular crypto investors with the world’s top, proven expert traders and fund managers in a win/win profit-sharing model. It’s expert-managed, passive crypto investing for the rest of us. Zignaly’s multiple offerings also feature uniquely powerful open doors for Investors looking for full-fledged Portfolio Management services, staking vaults, IDO participation via the ZIGPad, NFT raffles, and a revolutionary new Bridge solution.

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