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Zignaly and MetaShooter join hands to giveaway 100x MetaShooter Alpha Invitation keys 🔑

Winners get exclusive access to the Metashooter game alpha and financial incentives from the in-game contests

In April this year, MetaShooter and Zignaly partnered to launch the MHUNT token on the ZIGPad. ZIG holders absolutely loved this GameFi project, with a 570% oversubscription. Since then, MetaShooter has come a long way with achievements like the game Alpha release, NFT mystery boxes sale in partnership with Binance, Kucoin, and others. Speaking of their reach, the MetaShooter game is soon to be listed on the Steam store and is starting its own game wiki on Fandom! KUDOS, team Metashooter 💪

With the Alpha version of the game out and over 2,000 users playing already, MetaShooter is back with an amazing idea for the thriving Zignaly community to be more involved in the project. Here’s an opportunity to win 100x MetaShooter Alpha Invitation key NFTs — What is it, you ask? In a nutshell, the winners will be able to:

Test the game

Earn real incentives from the in-game contests

Join an ever-growing community of wild hunters

Super cool, isn’t it?

All geared up for your hunting expedition? Participating in the raffle is easy:

  • If you haven’t already, signup to zignaly.com, also make sure you’re on our official discord server! 💻
  • Signup to hunter.metashooter.gg
  • Deposit at least 5,000 ZIG in your Zignaly Wallet, where 5,000 ZIG equals 1 ticket. Hence, the more ZIG you hold, the higher your chances to win the MetaShooter Alpha Key! 🗝️ — Don’t have ZIG? You can either get your ZIG directly on Zignaly.com or from one of our exchange partners (Huobi, Gate.io, AscendEX, or MEXC) and make a transfer to your Zignaly wallet.
  • Slots available: 90x via raffle giveaway, 10x via Twitter giveaway
  • Raffle to be hosted for 90 slots here.
  • The raffle runs from 6 PM UTC, 6th July 2022 to 6 PM UTC, 7th July 2022 ⏰
  • To determine eligibility, we will take a snapshot of the ZIG balance in your Zignaly wallet associated with your account address that is provided to us. 📷
  • Winners will be picked randomly from the list of eligible participants, who will be notified of the next steps via email & discord.
  • Retweet/Like/Tag 3 friends on our announcement tweet and follow @zignaly & @MetaShooter_gg for a shot at winning 10 spots in the Twitter giveaway!
  • Winners get exclusive access to the Metashooter game and multiple opportunities to earn from the in-game contests!

Join the MetaShooter clan here: Twitter | Discord

– Team Zignaly

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