Zignaly collaborates with Polygon Studios

Zignaly collaborates with Polygon Studios to introduce the hottest Polygon studios backed projects on the ZIGPad and prioritized Zignaly Vault access to the Polygon ecosystem

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3 min readAug 18, 2022


Zignaly and Polygon studios are incredibly excited to announce their collaboration to introduce the hottest Polygon studios-backed projects on the ZIGPad, and further offer them priority Zignaly’s Vault 2.0 staking program access!

This collaboration will foster a favorable situation for the stakeholders involved; first and foremost, it aids Polygon enthusiasts looking for viable investment opportunities in IDOs and staking programs. Secondly, quality projects within the Polygon ecosystem looking to secure funds or offer staking options. Most importantly, the entire Polygon ecosystem benefits as 430,000+ strong zignaly userbase and their capital get direct access to the evergrowing list of quality projects on Polygon! Remember, this is the same userbase that three ZIGPad projects raised $500,000 from, with a cumulative 3,000% oversubscription and total bids exceeding $15,000,000 — for Zignaly users, the sky is the limit!

As per Bartolome R. Bordallo (CEO & Co-Founder, Zignaly), collaborating with Polygon Studios is one of the many steps for Zignaly to contribute towards building a truly sustainable and robust Polygon ecosystem. He added that the strategic team at Zignaly is highly confident in the future of Polygon, considering the ease of scale and efficiency that the chain has already attained. He believes Polygon could be looking at becoming the gold standard for Web3, expanding to Defi, GameFi, NFTs, and far beyond. Empowered communities like Zignaly and others are just the catalyst Polygon needs for sustained TVL and ecosystem growth.

It’s important to mention here that Zignaly is actively partnering with Polygon-based projects — for instance, MetaShooter (a Polygon-based GameFi project) raised $150,000 (with a ~570% oversubscription) on the ZIGPad — along with several other initiatives under the Zignaly vault 2.0. With the Zignaly and Polygon studios joining hands for a more robust Polygon ecosystem, the possibilities for Zignaly to contribute to the Polygon ecosystem are limitless. We hope you are as excited as us about what the future holds as the teams explore further synergies.

About Polygon Studios:

Polygon Studios aims to be the home of the most popular blockchain projects in the world. The Polygon Studios team is focused on supporting developers building decentralized apps on Polygon by providing Web2 and Web3 teams with a suite of services such as developer support, partnership, strategy, go-to-market, and technical integrations. Polygon Studios supports projects from OpenSea to Prada, from Adidas to Draft Kings, and Decentral Games to Ubisoft.

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About Zignaly:

With over 430,000+ users globally, the Zignaly platform and marketplace are leading the Social Investing revolution by connecting regular crypto investors with the world’s top, proven expert traders and fund managers in a win/win profit-sharing model. It’s expert-managed, passive crypto investing for the rest of us. Zignaly’s multiple offerings also feature uniquely powerful open doors for Investors looking for full-fledged Portfolio Management services, staking vaults, IDO participation via the ZIGPad, NFT raffles, and a revolutionary new Bridge solution.

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