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Zignaly Rewards is now Zignaly Vault

Holders of ZIG to earn rewards in ZIG and other coins!

Hi All!

During August so far, we have announced how Holding and Paying in ZIG will benefit Zignaly users. Today we are excited to add another set of benefits tied to holding ZIG inside the Zig Wallet.

While finalizing the mechanics of Zignaly Rewards, it dawned upon us that we are in a uniquely qualified position to help educate our users about the broader crypto space and create awareness around newer projects in the industry that might be beneficial for Zignaly users. So, we have decided to rename Zignaly Rewards to Zignaly Vault, and broaden the array of benefits to our users to include other crypto coins from projects that we feel are uniquely interesting and valuable.

This will benefit ZIG holders in the following ways:

  • Zignaly will allocate a certain amount of ZIG to the pool every week, which will be distributed to ZIG holders inside the Zignaly platform, on a weekly average holding basis. Users need to hold a minimum of 10 ZIG to be eligible for this allocation.
  • From time to time, Zignaly will announce partnerships with other crypto projects, and we’ll facilitate your ability to connect with them so you can learn more and…yes, earn their coins in addition to ZIG! In turn, Zignaly will also get introduced to the partnered project’s user base and audience and we will secure additional coins from the partner projects to distribute to ZIG holders inside the ZIG wallet. Users need to hold a minimum of 1,000 ZIG to be eligible for this allocation. Pretty cool, eh?

Going forward, we aim to further improve Zignaly Vault’s dynamics to enhance the adoption and utility of the ZIG Coin. The “go live” date for Zignaly Vault will also be announced shortly.

Get your ZIG coin on the following exchanges:

  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here

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Backed by world-class investors, Zignaly is the first social investment platform that allows experts and investors to interact in a mutually beneficial environment using crypto via profit-sharing model.

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