Zignaly Whale Review: This Portfolio Manager generated a +50% profit this year!

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3 min readDec 16, 2023


Introducing ‘Quant Group’ — your gateway to value investing in Crypto

This week, we’re delving into the ‘Quant Group’ service on Zignaly — Our AI-powered Z-Score endorsed Portfolio Manager. Quant Group notched an impressive 50% profit in the calendar year 2022–2023, managing nearly $1.4M in Assets. The AUMs have grown by ~40%, accredited to their outstanding performance.

Strategy Insights:

Employing a medium to long-term portfolio management strategy, Quant Group relies on thorough research and in-depth comprehension of the underlying assets and market. Their approach involves diversifying their portfolio with fundamentally robust high-cap projects, ensuring a well-spread risk.

Central to their long-term success is patience. Instead of frequent position adjustments, Quant Group centers on long-term trends and fundamentals, adopting a tactful investment approach. Here are the highlights of their strategy:

  • Investment Universe: Robust High-Cap Projects with Strong Fundamentals
  • Investment Horizon: Medium to Long-Term
  • Drawdown: Under normal conditions, the Drawdown can extend up to 22.5%, factoring in their current position sizes and risk management. However, in scenarios of intense volatility, similar to events like the FTX-led crash, it may surge up to 42.5%.
  • Stop loss: As a hybrid strategy combining medium to long-term positional and trading approaches, it operates without the need for a stop-loss order. Instead, the portfolio undergoes vigilant manual monitoring around the clock to manage risks. The team firmly holds the belief that stop-loss-based strategies often provoke speculative decision-making.
  • Dollar Cost Averaging: The application of Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) is a pivotal element manually integrated into the strategy’s framework. Through strategic DCA implementation, the team’s objective transcends merely reducing the average purchase price; it’s about fortifying positions at opportune buying zones. This deliberate approach aims to fortify holdings strategically, aligning with market conditions rather than solely focusing on averaging down costs.
  • Adaptability to Market Conditions — Bear Market: Profitable with Conservative Results | Range Bound Market: Profitable | Bull Market: Profitable

Quant Group — The Growth Story:

Commencing their Zignaly venture in December ’22, the Quant Group now caters to 174 investors, managing $1.38 million in assets! In the last three months alone, the service yielded over $700k in profits, boasting an annual ROI surpassing 50%. Considering the stringent risk management and growing assets under management, achieving this return is truly impressive.

Quant Group — Z-Score Assessment

The Quant Group holds the third position on our Z-Score leaderboard, securing a total score of 77.55%. Here’s a graphical representation illustrating its performance across various individual categories:

Quant Group’s Z-Score Assessment: The service demonstrates exceptional risk management scores

Perfect for investors seeking sustained growth and controlled risk through medium to long-term portfolio management, Quant Group is supported by a team of veteran portfolio managers, each with 25 years of experience per member. What distinguishes them is their exceptional risk management approach and strict ZERO leverage policy. Begin your investment journey with Quant Group here.




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