2021 Here We Come — January 2021 Zillacracy Blog

Andy Little
Ignite DAO (old account)
4 min readJan 30, 2021


We’re excited to be entering a new year with a fresh new start for everyone. 2020 has been a hard year and we look forward to putting it behind us and getting our hands dirty!

We have many updates to share with you since our last update in December, which includes a re-brand, project updates and even more promise for 2021. Here at Zillacracy it’s been non-stop and we look forward to carrying this into the rest of the year.


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new, simpler website. The website has been stripped back to basics whilst keeping a trendy and professional finish. We have updated the new site with all the additional information you need on Zillacracy staking and so much more.

The site will go live very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Educational Platform

Grow with Zillacracy. We are very excited to announce the Zillacracy educational platform, where users can upload content to help educate the masses and even help users take their first steps in developing via Scilla.

Users who upload content and receive positive ratings by community members will be entitled to receive $ZIL. From a pot set aside by Zillacracy to encourage the community to help users and development on the Zilliqa platform.

The platform is currently under construction and we hope to release a completion date very soon.

QVote Grant

QVote are the second ever recipient of the Zillacracy grant initiative. They’re building exciting open source products for developers on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Statement below from the QVote team:

We are delighted to announce that we are working with Zilacracy to build an entirely decentralized, open-source quadratic voting platform for on-chain governance of crypto communities on the Zilliqa blockchain.

QVote is also designed to be easily integrated into other dApps. We provide an SDK that nicely wraps around the smart contract functionality, so that developers can easily integrate on-chain quadratic voting functionality in their own applications.

We want QVote to become a community drive project. This means that a big part will enable developers to contribute to the development of the platform. We see these contributions in 3 major ways.

First improvements on the protocol, by amending the smart contracts. Secondly, extensions to the SDK for better functionality, or integration of improved protocols. Finally, the app itself will also be open source, and we’d love to see it modified and adapted to other diverse use cases.

Follow updates on QVote here — https://github.com/QVote/ !

Follow QVote on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Qvote_

Zillionaires Lottery

Zillionaires has had an explosive first month from release, the community has enjoyed the platform and made a small fortune for many playing. The 10,000 $ZIL lottery has been the most played with over 10 winners so far.

They listed zillionaires on the Dapp.com website where users can rate and track activity on the platform, we’re very pleased and proud to have received 5* ratings from the community.

Social Media Growth

We’ve enjoyed a very positive start to 2021 with the help of huge social media growth in December leading to all-time high stats on both Twitter and Medium. This brings a fresh wave of supporters and attention to the Zillacracy cause.

This has also brought an influx of developers looking for opportunities within the Zilliqa network, with more and more learning how to use Scilla, the native language of Zilliqa.

January Giveaway + More

If you’ve missed the announcements in January, we will give away a Playstation 5 to one of loyal supporters. We can only do the monumental work we do, with the support from you, the community. So this is our way of giving back and offering rewards for your loyalty.

We will draw the winner on the 31st January, so monitor our Twitter on how to enter.

But don’t worry, in February we will give away two Oculus Quest 2’s. You can use these VR headsets to play the latest and best games in the VR world with no need of a gaming system.

We hope these prizes are what you guys want and look forward to rewarding your loyalty.

We are looking forward to the rest of 2021 and look forward to building the future of Zilliqa together.

All the best,

The Zillacracy Team