It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas! — Zillacracy Updates

After this eventful year, we want to reward you for your constant support and efforts towards Zillacracy and update you on some amazing progressions.

Zillacracy Advent Event

Here at Zillacracy, we wanted to celebrate the most joyful period of the year with some of our most loyal supporters. As we know this year has been anything but ordinary with all of us, in some way, being affected by the global situations in play.

So we are proud to announce the Zillacracy Advent Event. We will give away a special gift every day in December, along with the chance to win over 50 Amazon gift cards, so you can treat yourself.

This is our way of rewarding you the loyal Zillacracy stakers for putting your faith and hard earned $ZIL’s into our staking node.

Lucky winners will also be eligible to receive PORT tokens with our partnership with the revolutionary Package Portal project on the Zilliqa blockchain.

But What is Package Portal?

PackagePortal is a barcode scanner app with blockchain validation & tokenization for online shoppers & brands to own and monetize their delivery data.

Winners of the Zillacracy Advent Event can scan the codes of their winnings and receive PORT tokens in strategic partnership, and cement your place in history on the PORT ecosystem.

Zillionaires Update

Zillionaires is the very first application being developed by the Zillacracy team. The application itself has started its live testing phase with the help of the very enthusiastic Zilliqa community.

We have had some very positive feedback from the community testers and we look forward to sharing the application with you all very soon.

If you didn’t know, Zillionaires is the very first transparent and audible lottery on the Zilliqa blockchain. Users can enter different lottery types from 100k to even 1 million Zilliqa tokens.

Randomness Beacon

Building the lottery from scratch has required building the first distributed randomness beacon on the Zilliqa blockchain. This will ensure that all the lotteries’ winning tickets will be chosen randomly, making sure the games are being played fair.

We can also incorporate the beacon into other projects and offer it as a service on the Zilliqa blockchain to make the life of developers easier.

Lets Build The Value of $ZIL Together

Currently, we have 4 developers working on various projects and after only six weeks in after the non-custodial staking went live; we are constantly working on new and exciting projects on the Zilliqa blockchain with the help of you, the Zilliqa community.

You have enabled us to develop Zillacracy to offer grants and help to projects looking to break through on the Zilliqa blockchain, in return driving adoption and price of the $ZIL token.

So thank you again for staking with Zillacracy and we look forward to growing the Zilliqa ecosystem and $ZIL together.




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