Spring Here We Come — Zillacracy March News Update

March has been a cold hard month of grinding, but spring is finally insight and the markets are looking just as green.

We’ve got some exciting news coming in the form of new partnerships, milestones and even a catch up on the educational platform and giveaways. So, let’s dive in and get straight to the updates!

RedChillies Updates

Our first ever grant recipient RedChillies has been smashing it, they’ve created a new exciting interface with enhanced betting options as well as allow users to host their own games!

RedChillies now covers multiple leagues and allows users to host special rooms for football betting on the platform. You can do this by using your RedChillies tokens on the platform, which has recently gained momentum and broken new all-time highs.

The team has been working ahead without concerns of the recent momentum and are looking to hit their milestones and growing the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Qvote Update

Qvote has had a very busy month, they’ve shown a working product and hit their goal of setting up a working demo. The governance voting tool kit they’re building is on target for completion, and we could see it a lot sooner on projects within the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Educational Platform Update

We’re happy to announce the first milestones have been hit for the Zillacracy education platform and we expect to have it up and running with exciting content very soon.

Want to play your part?

We’re still looking for passionate community members and developers to help create the content for the educational platform. If you’re interested in helping create the content to help the next wave of investors follow the link below.



Strategic Xcademy Investment

Zillacracy is proud to announce they’ve taken a strategic position in the revolutionary content creator tokenisation and NFT platform Xcademy.

What is Xcademy?

Xcademy is allowing content creators to tokenize themselves, whilst also allowing supporters to earn rewards for engaging with their favourite online creators with no change to their existing workflow. As well as allowing creators to tokenize themselves, Xcademy also allows them to create NFTs for their fan base and is expected to launch an NFT marketplace for creators.

Zillacracy’s stance

We believe Xcademy will become a real powerhouse in the Zilliqa ecosystem and see the opportunity to invest as a huge win for the Zillacracy project.

Zillacracy Monthly Airdrop

The 30-day airdrop event from Zillacracy went down a treat with the community. From February till March we hosted a special event where a new staker on the Zillacracy node won a special price every day.

We hope to hold further events in the future to thank the community for supporting us at Zillacracy and helping build the future of the Zillacracy project.

Monthly Expenses

  • Development/infrastructure — 40% of the monthly budget is put towards maintaining the seed node, building infrastructure, and paying developing to build projects.
  • Community — 25% of the budget is used for community initiatives (Airdrops, contests) as well as funding community members for marketing activities.
  • Marketing — 10% of the budget falls to marketing, which is used for videos and content.
  • Internal — 15% of the budget is for internal costs, which counts for wages and software we use within Zillacracy.
  • Reserves — 10% of the budget is placed in reserves to help maintain Zillacracy and keep it solvent.

We keep all records of spending and contributions internal to give an accurate reflection of transparency.

Calling all Developers and Entrepreneurs

If you have an interesting plan or idea with a full pitch deck, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Zillacracy council. We can offer support along your build with even funding via grants if you need help to get your project off the ground.

We have experience in all fields within the crypto space, if its marketing, business and building on Scilla.

We look forward to working with you very soon.



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