Zillacracy April News Letter

Summer is nearly here, and we have big news developing.

Andy Little
Apr 28 · 3 min read

April has been a wonderful month for the Zillacracy, with projects hitting their milestones and new exciting projects coming out of the woodwork.

Below are some exciting updates with the mention of few new projects to tease.

Zillacracy Educational Platform

We’re nearing the release of the educational platform with the first beta testers now experimenting with the website.

The platform aims to be the hub of all educational content on Zilliqa and have the information every newcomer needs on everything Zilliqa.

We are still actively looking for developers and community members to help produce content for the release of the platform. If you’re interested, reach out to use via our website on the link below.

Qvote Update

Qvote have hit their final milestone and are ready to release their governance voting tool kit to developers soon. Projects that implement the tool kit can turn their very own token into a governance mechanism on their platform.

The tool kit will save time for developers and give the community a voice in voting on the Zilliqa blockchain ecosystems.

RedChillies Update

Zillacracy grant recipient RedChillies have successfully set up as “RedChillies Labs Inc” in the state of Wyoming, USA.

They’ve also added additional sports and support on their website, introducing cricket for users to bet on and host games. The platform now has over 280 football games available for bets and allows users to host private lobbies using their very own “RedChillies Token”.

The platform is smashing their milestones and we’re pleased with the work they’re contributing to the Zilliqa ecosystem.


We’re proud to announce the launch of the first ever job board in the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Zillance will allow users to connect with developers and post jobs directly on the platform, this will allow entrepreneur to connect with budding Scilla developers to work on your brilliant ideas.

Zillionaires Lottery

We’re currently working towards adding Ledger integration within the Zillionaires lottery. This will enable users who store their tokens on Ledger to purchase tickets on the platform.

We also saw the first draw for the 100k $ZIL lottery, with one thrilled person taking home the price of over $18,000 at the time of the draw.

If you want to chance your luck and win some amazing prices follow the link below and connect your ZilPay to play.


Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports

Our partners UFFS have released some exciting news over the past few days regarding auctions on the UFFS platform.

Find out more below:

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the updates from Zillacracy and follow us on social to keep up to date.

Twitter — https://twitter.com/Zillacracy?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Telegram — https://t.me/zillacracy


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