Zillacracy Community Update

Andy Little
Jun 5, 2020 · 4 min read

Community based project Zillacracy has now been live over 3 months with growing interest within and outside the Zilliqa community.

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Zillacracy offers technical and non-technical projects for all levels of budding Zilliqans, enabling users of all backgrounds and skill sets to apply.

Since February the project has received over 50 applications with many being from key members already within the Zilliqa community.

Users who successfully complete tasks and help develop the Zilliqa ecosystem will be rewarded with $Zil,not to mention we are working on uploading their legacy in the brand new Zillacracy hall of fame.

But what projects have been completed so far?

Social media matters has been the runaway favourite within the community, with over 5 projects being completed already. The Social media matters project can range from YouTube videos to Infographics utilising the internet to spread partnerships, news, and updates on Zilliqa.

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Social media plays a vital part in the crypto space so partnering with talented designers and developers is key for the adoption of the Zilliqa project.

Another project that has finished stage 1 is community surveys, the first survey has already been released within the community with over 200 members submitting.

The information provided will help tailor content from the Zilliqa team and enable the team to improve in certain areas, this is key for continuous improvement.

Other projects like stack exchange, mining switcher, and seed node have all been started by very talented teams, but because of the complexity involved, they are sometime off completing.

But we have some good updates for you:

Seed Node

Seed node update, the Zillacracy seed node project aims to provide Zilliqans the opportunity to stake their Zils in a non-custodial manner. The project will allow users to remain in control of their tokens via non-custodial wallets, including hardware wallets for extra security.

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The team itself comprises members from Zilliqa, Moonlet, and community members, with the project progressing very well. The smart contract is developing nicely and is undergoing an audit for security, Moonlet is also on with providing an easy-to-use interface within the Moonlet wallet so you will be able to stake you ZIL with ease.

Zilliqa Wikipedia

The Zilliqa Wikipedia project has swiftly finished the first part of the project, placing a basic copy of general information around Zilliqa on the platform. The community ran team will now enhance the Wikipedia when available but will take care as Wikipedia can be funny with cryptocurrency pages. (As we learnt in the past)

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Stack Exchange

The stack exchange project is now moving forward, the team behind this composes of community members and Zilliqa core. Currently you can help us by following this Tweet below:

Mining Switcher

Zillacracy has been approached by a talented developer in helping create new mining switching software. There has been a technical plan draw up but the progression of this project is currently on hold due to unforeseen circumstances.

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We are always rolling out new and exciting social media projects, we are in discussing with creative designers and YouTube personalities to expand and spread awareness of the Zilliqa brand.

Battle Of The Merch

Moving on from project we are offering an amazing contest in partnership with Zilliqa to look for talented designers to battle it out to feature on the Zilliqa merch store. Eight designs will be selected to take part in a knockout-style competition to win five pieces of merch with their design on, and a 50% profit share of all merch sold with their design!

Find more information here:

We hope to see you soon!

Remember Zillacracy is open to all and we would love to see you apply and contribute to our projects, no matter how big or small your contribution are. Please check out the Zillacracy project available and see if you can apply.

Thanks for reading,

The Zillacracy Council!


An open-source community initiative, to expand the Zilliqa…

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