Zillacracy February Updates — Increased Transparency, New Projects And Look!

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New Look Zillacracy

Earlier this month we teased at a brand new fresh look for our website… We are very excited to announce that it is finally complete!

Zillacracy.com home page

We have taken an approach to make the website cleaner and more minimalistic whilst still providing the key information required for community members and potential partners.

Users can connect with Zillacracy via the “Open Projects” section by applying to positions set by the Zillacracy Council or simply pitch your own exciting project.

We’re open to all kinds of projects at Zillacracy and look forward to connecting with you.

Education Platform

We announced recently we are working on an education portal for everything Zilliqa. This will be connected to the Zillacracy page once completed.

We have secured the learnblockchain.org domain for the platform, and we are excited to generate more traffic to the Zilliqa platform.

The project has entered the first phase upon completion of the website, and we are very excited to enlist the help of developers and community members to help create amazing content for everyone.

We are looking for community members and Scilla developers alike to help contribute and create educational and informative content for the platform. If you’re interested in filling these roles, please apply within the “Open Project” section within the Zillacracy website.

Partner Updates

RedChillies: The first recipients of the Zillacracy grants RedChillies have successfully hit their first milestone set out by Zillacracy. They have successfully demonstrated their smart contracts taking decentralized betting to the next level and are currently awaiting auditing from the Zilliqa team.

Info: RedChillies are building the first games and betting platform on the Zilliqa blockchain.

QVote: The latest recipients of the Zillacracy grants QVote have successfully hit their first milestone weeks head of target. QVote have issued the beta of their voting tool with a fully operational demo.

Info: QVote is building an open source tool for developers to turn their tokens into a governance token on their project.

Zillacracy Airdrop

The Zillacracy Airdrop has been a tremendous success within the community. Zillacracy stakers have had the chance to win 1,000 $ZIL daily, 2,500 weekly, and even an Oculus Quest 2 as the main event prize.

We are currently only on day 13 so there are still lots of opportunities to win, so head on over to stake.zilliqa.com or Moonlet to stake Zillacracy today.

Allocations of Funds

Zillacracy is a community initiative that runs on the rewards generated by providing a staking seed node to the community.

We have shown below the allocations of funds from the last month; we are heavily focused on developing and need all the funds we can to help maintain the developing and expansion of the Zilliqa ecosystem.

  • Development/infrastructure — 40% of the monthly budget is put towards maintaining the seed node, building infrastructure, and paying developing to build projects.
  • Community — 15% of the budget is used for community initiatives (Airdrops, contests) as well as funding community members for marketing activities.
  • Marketing — 10% of the budget falls to marketing, which is used for videos and content.
  • Internal — 20% of the budget is for internal costs, which counts for wages and software we use within Zillacracy.
  • Reserves — 15% of the budget is placed in reserves to help maintain Zillacracy and keep it solvent.

We keep all records of spending and contributions internal to give an accurate reflection of transparency.

Calling all Developers and Entrepreneurs

If you have an interesting plan or idea with a full pitch deck, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Zillacracy council. We can offer support along your build with even funding via grants if you need help to get your project off the ground.

We have experience in all fields within the crypto space, if its marketing, business and building on Scilla.

We look forward to working with you very soon.



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