Zillacracy Updates and Whats Happening Moving Forward.

Your all in one post for everything Zillacracy.

May/June have been very exciting months for Zillacracy with the start of some very exciting top secret projects alongside our ecosystem partners.

We are very excited to release more information soon on the projects we are keeping behind closed doors.

Ecosystem Updates

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports

UFFS have released their token to the Zilliqa community on the ZilSwap platform. This is a major achievement for the project, and it is currently sitting in the top 10 for market cap on Zilswap.

The release of the SCORE token isn’t the only thing UFFS have been working on. They’ve partnered with some amazing sporting bodies alongside the NFT platform Block Assets.

The partnership between UFFS and Block Assets will enable the sporting platform to launch their NFTs and allow users to re-sell via the Block Assets platform.


The highly anticipated learnblockchain application is close to completion!

Learnblockchain will allow users to connect with like-minded Zilliqans and learn about everything Zilliqa. YouTuber and influencers alike have been crafting amazing content for the release of the platform, and we hope the content can help budding Zilliqans understand and grow within the community.

We expect the full release of the platform in the next 2 weeks and can’t wait to share it with you.


RedChillies Lab has been working hard on their betting platform, with the release of some interesting games and concepts for the EURO 2020 contest.

Users can bet on all games within the tournament, putting their $ZIL where their mouth is.

Other than Euro 2020, the Redchillies Lab platform has been working on interactive games for users and some more exciting things they will announce soon.


Zillionaires lottery has been seeing record numbers over the past month, there has been more 10k $ZIL lotteries drawn than ever before. But the 1,000,000 $ZIL lottery has yet to be drawn, so do you fancy your chances to be the first ever winner and take home over $100,000!

Head over to Zillionaire.io, connect your ZilPay wallet and get your tickets now.

Carbon Neutral

Zillacracy in partnership with Zilliqa Research have awarded a $22k grant to help neutralise the carbon off-set made by the Zilliqa blockchain. Greenhouse emissions have been a big talking point within the crypto space, so awarding a grant to Cameron Sajedi at Starling foundries was a straightforward decision.

Cameron will release a series of blog posts on the subject and you can keep up to date at his medium — https://medium.com/builders-of-zilliqa/zilliqas-carbon-footprint-in-context-6dbf6d05a566

You can find more information about Cameron and his project here — starlingfoundries.com

New Direction — Zillacracy and the future

As you may all know, Andy, the head of marketing, will start his own journey with the Elons project, which he will focus full time on from now on. We like to thank Andy for all his hard work. Andy mentioned he will be staying in close touch with Zillacracy and its future.

In the last months Zillacracy has been making some major changes that we think will provide positive positive effect for the growth of the Zilliqa ecosystem and help increase participation from all community members worldwide. There will also be some new innovations and tokenomics we are super excited to share once we have everything completed. Stay tuned!

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the updates from Zillacracy and follow us on social to keep up to date.

Twitter — https://twitter.com/Zillacracy?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Telegram — https://t.me/zillacracy



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