Celebrating 10 waves of ZILHive Grants awardees!

Tan Hong Wei Kenneth
Zilliqa — Official Blog
3 min readJul 19, 2021


Greetings everyone,

As we venture into the second half of 2021, we are pleased to announce that the ZILHive Grants programme has concluded its tenth wave of grantees! This marks a significant milestone for ZILHive as we work towards building a vibrant, diverse and engaging ecosystem on the Zilliqa protocol. With the tenth wave, we have supported 110 projects ranging from infrastructure development, decentralized applications and research. Many of these projects are familiar names within Zilliqa’s ecosystem now, such as Moonlet, Switcheo, Unstoppable Domains, Viewblock, Package Portal, Mintable and more. We thank all those who were part of the ZILHive Grants programme for your support, enthusiasm and contribution as ZILHive continues towards its mission in growing our ecosystem across the world.

We present the latest wave of grantees and welcome them to the ZILHive community.

Wave 10 Grantees

  1. Project Ozark (Coming soon!): Project Ozark is a developer platform with high-security smart contract writing guidelines, serving as a one-stop hub for all tutorials, sample contracts, templates and guidelines for building safe and secure decentralized applications on Zilliqa.
  2. DeMons: A decentralised collectible NFT metaverse on the Zilliqa blockchain, DeMons is a gamified community-driven NFT series working on three main aspects of the NFT metaverse: DeFi with NFTs, games around NFTs, and a complete NFT ecosystem. The ecosystem includes a resale marketplace, governance and voting portal, which will be enabled through a $DMZ utility token for collectors, investors, gamers and traders.
  3. Unmarshal: An indexing protocol to provide simple, easy-to-use data for DeFi apps or any query for on-chain data. Unmarshal will also allow for a smart notification infrastructure on Zilliqa that can notify users of dApps on various transactions through adopted wallets in the ecosystem.
  4. The Mishka: Integration of augmented reality (AR) NFT functionality with Zilliqa. A link will be provided for every NFT created that will open the AR experience in a web browser, and will be secure in a smart contract.
  5. Review Capital: A decentralized news and content management system on the Zilliqa protocol. The platform allows for the review and validation of all news content and advertisements in a distributed fashion and rewards both writers and validators with the RECAP ZRC-2 token based on the quality of their work.
  6. Hashswap: Hashswap allows for the creation and trading of fungible assets backed by the value of social media influencers through an automated market maker model. The platform will involve two following ZRC-2 tokens: HASH, the native currency of the protocol, and HUSD, a USD-pegged stablecoin used for the creation of liquidity pools and the corresponding influencer tokens.
  7. Nyayomat: An alternative credit platform on Zilliqa, acting as an intermediary between micro, small and medium-sized merchants and asset providers to facilitate asset/working capital financing between the counterparties. Smart contracts will be used to execute the financing flows and the Zilliqa blockchain will maintain a secure ledger of transactions.
  8. ZilGAM: Short for Zilliqa Generative Art and Music, ZilGAM is an application that uses seeds stored on NFTs to produce unique iterations of generative content, which includes artwork and music pieces. Users will be able to browse and buy into projects live on the application, upon which a unique art or music piece will be generated and tokenized as ZRC-1 NFTs.
  9. Modern Fullstack: Development of a “Build Fullstack Web3 Apps with Zilliqa” educational course on the Modern Fullstack platform. The course will include a basic introduction to blockchain, the Zilliqa protocol and the Scilla smart contract language, which will work towards guiding students to build a new fullstack application on Zilliqa.
  10. CryptoSlam: As the leading multi-blockchain NFT data aggregator providing ultimate transparency for a rapidly increasing number of NFT collections, CryptoSlam will integrate Zilliqa NFT data tracking on the platform.

The eleventh wave of ZILHive Grants is now open for applications!

We are excited to kick-off a new era of ZILHive Grants with our eleventh wave. Join us in developing our ecosystem, and be part of our vision to bring Zilliqa to the world.