The Music Industry’s Secret Weapon

The music industry has suffered a massive decline in revenue over the past decade. The rise of streaming services reversed that decline, but as a result artists and labels lost control of their product and profits to tech giants like Spotify.

Blockchain technology and in particular, the explosion in NFT and Tokenisation is changing the game for fans and artists alike.

By creating unique digital assets that represent ownership rights to music and collectibles, musicians can capture lost revenue brought on as a result of the pandemic, tap into the next disruption in music fandom while giving fans new ways to interact with their favourite artist’s work.

Zimrii has launched its innovative music fan engagement platform that enables music artists to tap into the power of their fans through tokenisation and NFT’s.

As most music artists are acutely aware it’s becoming more difficult to make money from their music, and it can feel like there are no options left for artists who want to earn a living through their craft.

Zimrii provides an alternative approach by enabling artists to create their own fan club; offer their Music Artist Tokens to fans and give artists the opportunity to sell tickets, merch, and other physical goods, digital items and collectibles on a direct to fan basis

The Fan Economy

The growth in Music Fandom is providing the foundation for a new era of music monetisation through fan bases that are open too engaging with new experiences. By combining music culture with tokenisation, this enables new possibilities to attract new fans and excite existing music fans

Payment Methods

One of the main gripes of current NFT/Crypto platform has been the complexity of use when it comes to the average music fan or artist. The Zimrii platform focus has been focussed on simplicity and on a easy to use user experience, enabling music fans to purchase Music artist tokens and NFT’s using their existing debit or credit cards.

New Revenue Streams

Tokenising their fan base on the Zimrii platform allows artists to create new revenue streams in addition to revenues derived from streaming. Music streaming has not provided the avenues for the majority of artists to sustain a music career from streaming alone, so new business models are needed.

In addition, music artists can benefit from secondary, recurring revenues as the result of music fan trading their tokens on the Zimrii exchange. Music fans can easily build up a portfolio of artists they follow and support as well as invest in up and coming artists on the platform.

Zimrii has created a way for music artists to capture lost revenue and present fans with an opportunity to trade tokens for access into exclusive experiences as well as exclusive content from their favourite artists.

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Mo Jalloh


Co-Founder of Zimrii, A BlockChain Platform for digital assets. Founder Member of the Australasian Blockchain Music Association. Keen Tennis Player