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Coinception Crowd-Sale

Whitelist *{Part 2}

This is a 3 part series about R_Block’s Coinception crowd sale. See the last post for an overview of the structure of the overall token events. Part two offers a simple way to understand the specifics of the CVToken and it’s pricing. In the 3rd and final part we will detail the Utilities of the CVToken.

Pre-Sale & Crowd-Sale Dates

The first coinception crowdsale will consist of a pre-sale and a general sale. We are holding a private pre-sale where we’re partnering with a select number of firms who value the utility of the token. They have a lock-in period the same as the team ~ 2 years. They’ll bring actors into our network through referencing the workers they’re assessing. The pre-sale is underway and we have signed up some exciting partners that we will be announcing in January 2018. Our Telegram is the best way to stay up to date with this latest news.

The general-sale will begin on February 2nd lasting for 18 days until February 20th. Or until we sell out, which ever event happens first. We are creating 24m CVTokens and selling 30% of the total distribution in Coinception 1 = 7.2m CVTokens. The general sale consists of three tiers.

~ Tier 1 (30% Discount) = $0.91 per CVT

~ Tier 2 (25% Discount) = $0.98 per CVT

~ Tier 3 (No Discount) = $1.30 per CVT

We’re selling 2m CVTokens in the Pre-Sale, Whitelist and General Sale then lastly 1.2m full-price CVT. The whitelist was oversubscribed and closed in January. If interested in the general crowdsale join here:

We have a hard cap of $6.89m, we will announce the corresponding amount of ETH nearer the sale date.


We’re partnering with 10 large tech hirers in our private pre-sale. We can make estimates about the numbers of actors these parties will bring into the network by looking at the number of prospective workers they’ll assess. This comes out to an average of 12,000 (*X CVTokens) reference transactions in year 1. 50% of reference transaction fees are put into cold storage the remainder are used to incentivise referees. This is something Vitalik has been open about considering for Ether in the future (cold storage not incentivising referees :). The key thing to understand is as more references take place the CVTokens diminish. Vitalik also predicts an overall 10% rate of loss on Ether. We can assume a lower number of lost tokens since we’ll have a lower number of token holders but we use the 10% rule. If we hit our hard cap we will have 5.2m active general-sale CVTokens in supply. We hope as many as possible reach users with a genuine interest in the utility of the token. For two reasons; as references take place the network assets grow and the supply of CVT diminishes. Based on the 1.8m people in our immediate target market we anticipate 10% of CVT to filter users with a genuine interest in the utility of the token. This equates to 30% of released demand being met and Coinception 2 being triggered.


We would like our token sale to be as inclusive as possible, after all an R_Block value is inclusivity. However due to overseas laws we citizens or residents of; China, South Korea and unaccredited investors in the US or Canada cannot take part.

We will cap large investments at 1% of the hard cap which is 86 ETH at todays price (21st Dec). This will avoid any single party or address holding too much CVT. The minimum contribution will be 0.5 Ether.

CVT Limits

People who are approved for Whitelist will get allocations that are based on their Proof-of-Care applications. We’re borrowing Quantstamps POC consensus mechanism for the Whitelist Each person can contribute up to their full allocation amount as long as they send the ETH before the end of the Whitelist. If any allocation amounts are remaining, we will burn these tokens.

Everybody that takes part in the Coinception crowdsale will have an opportunity to be part of the R_Block DAO that governs the project. As mentioned in Coinception part 1 post we will be using a milestone based governance model to release funds from the crowdscale. Holding the R_Block team accountable for delivering on their roadmap.

To register for the Crowdsale Whitelist, you must follow the steps below:

~ Join our Telegram group:

~ Register for the crowdsale:

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Disclaimer: R_Block’s Coinception Crowdsale is not an investment opportunity in R_Block. This blog does not constitute investment advice, I’m heavily under-qualified to provide that. Whilst we borrow models from different funding approaches the Coinception crowdsale is an open opportunity to purchase utility tokens that represent no stake in the UK Ltd company R-Block.