Earn for building your web3 workID

A bounty reward for reaching minimum viable Web3 WorkID

Zinc publicly launched on mainnet 8 weeks ago and we’ve been flattered by the response. We’ve had an overwhelming number of signups but not enough people have made it to a minimum viable Web3 work ID. Yet...

Zinc offers the tools for anyone to freely start building their web3 identity. You can now get rewarded for collecting 3 proofs on the Zinc too.

Here are the steps for early web3 adopters to collect a bounty reward for reaching MVW3-WID (minimum viable web3 work ID ~ catchy right 😀)

  1. Sign-up to: https://zinc.work/ with LinkedIn/Google/Github, email/password or MetaMask. Use a company email for validation where possible. A decentralised sign-up creates an ENS subdomain for you and deploys your identity contract to the network.
  2. Socially authenticate yourself: An old world web2 identity is required to verify your new new digital identity. Verify your LinkedIn from your account page: https://zinc.work/account/profile
  3. Request proofs: Start building your profile by clicking the ‘Request Reference’ button on your profile and enter a colleagues email (this can be past or present) that can provide a verifiable work proof for you.
  4. Claim reward: Once you’ve collected at least 3 professional references submit your profile to our bounty for review: https://explorer.bounties.network/bounty/1735
    P.s work proofs from ETHBerlin and Devcon count towards your MVW3-WID.

Zinc is a Web3 based work platform that offers tools to collect references and proof of any form of work (courses, workshops, certificates). With a blockchain-based backend, you can prove this information and use it over and over throughout the rest of your career. Using a distributed database we can also offer an opportunity to truly control & own information.

Special thanks 👏

We wanted to give special thanks to the early testers from ETH Berlin as well as our community who tried out the platform. Thank you to those who have been generous with their time, providing invaluable feedback.

Special mentions to; Alex Kosenkov, José Aguinaga, Daniel @Earlyblock, Barbara @Status, Maria @Golem Project and Pontus. Plus those who took part in our user testing at DevCon4; Pierre @Ledger, Adam @DTV, Charles @Polymath and Mark @Chainium.

Get in touch if you’d like support using the platform, want to feedback or if you’d like Zinc to issue you a proof; hello@zinc.work.

Website: https://zinc.work

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zinc_work

Telegram: https://t.me/zinc_work

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/zinc_work/