Zipper Studios Receives Clutch Leader Award for Top Developers in Romania

Filip Marusca
Nov 14 · 3 min read

Mobile app development is a saturated industry, making it hard for reliable firms to break through and reach new clients. Even companies that provide excellent customer service and high-quality products will sometimes be lost in the sea of subpar competitors. Thankfully, Zipper Studios was identified by Clutch, a verified ratings and reviews platform for B2B projects, as a team that stands above the rest.

Clutch uses client feedback, along with other relevant data points, to evaluate and rank providers in a wide range of industries. The firm then publishes these research findings in annual reports that are called The Clutch Leader Awards. This year, Zipper Studios received the award for Clutch’s Leaders in Romania!

We’re thankful for all of the incredibly positive comments that we’ve received from clients through Clutch. Check out some of our testimonial feedback below:

“They’re the most professional offshore partner I’ve ever worked with, and they have phenomenal communication. They follow up regularly and ensure the project is progressing smoothly, quickly addressing any concerns. Unlike other agencies, they take the time to understand our project goals and vision. They’re not just technically competent, but they also know how to make the best version of your product.” — CEO, Runlive

“We’ve worked with other developers in the past without any success. Zipper Studios has been our partner for a core part of the platform.” — CTO, AskData

“Our partnership was a success, and they had a big impact on our business. All of our clients now use the delivered features they constructed.” — CEO, Live Streaming Platform

“The communication was excellent, they were always available and they truly understood the product. It really felt like they were part of the team.” — Founder, Blockchain Network Company

Clutch also publishes content on two other sites — The Manifest and The Visual Objects. Both of these platforms give readers the chance to synthesize valuable market insights with reliable company listings and rankings.

We’re proud to share that we are currently featured as a leading mobile app developer in Romania on the 2019 Manifest research directory and the Visual Objects 2019 list of top companies. If you navigate to the Visual Objects site, you’ll be able to see how our projects set us apart from our competitors!

Thank you to all of our amazing clients who have helped us reach this stage! If you’d like to begin a development partnership with us, reach out and set up a call. We would love to hear from you!

Zipper Studios

At Zipper Studios we help startups and well established companies build their mobile products. (

Filip Marusca

Written by

Co-Founder at Zipper Studios

Zipper Studios

At Zipper Studios we help startups and well established companies build their mobile products. (

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