6 ways Zippie ID makes using the blockchain easy for everyone

Our aim at Zippie is simple. To bring the amazing benefits of blockchain to the people. To do this, we know it’s crucial to make adoption as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve created the Zippie ID and Zippie Card. It’s so easy that literally everyone can use it. Here’s how the Zippie ID makes blockchain easy for everyone.

1. You’ll onboard to Web 3.0 in less than 20 seconds

To start using Zippie, all you need to do is to visit the Zippie website with your phone, enter your email, accept to receive notifications. That’s it, you’re all set. Now you have a digital identity and a cryptocurrency wallet which you fully control and can use without middlemen.

2. You can send cryptocurrencies to people who don’t have a wallet

Let’s imagine that you want to send $100 worth of ETH to your friend Gilfoyle. You can choose “share with Zippie” in your favorite messaging app such as WhatsApp or WeChat, set the amount, and tap “send”. Gilfoyle receives a notification of the incoming money, and after the less than 20 second onboarding, has $100 worth of ETH — alongside a Zippie identity and wallet.

3. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can send large transactions securely

Your Zippie ID can be complemented with the Zippie Card. You use it to confirm large transactions by tapping the Card to your phone through NFC. The Zippie Card works like a 2-factor authentication; no one other than you who holds the card (and your phone) can confirm transactions. Way simpler than using a hardware wallet, yet equally secure for everyday use.

4. You can use Dapps with one ID and a single tap

With Zippie ID on your smartphone, you can launch Dapps such as Streamr Marketplace or CryptoKitties just by, well, tapping them. No silly plugins or logins, and just as seamless as launching any normal app today. You fully control your Zippie ID and who to share it with. Your identity is encrypted and stored in a distributed database, meaning that only you, and no one else like Google or Facebook, control your identity.

5. You can easily recover your ID if you lose your phone

Besides confirming large transactions, the Zippie Card acts as a recovery key in case you lose your Zippie powered smartphone. You can tap your Zippie Card to any other NFC empowered smartphone and recover your Zippie ID and wallet to this phone after inserting your personal password.

6. You get a bag of tokens with the Zippie Card

Zippie Card can be preloaded with tokens such as ZIPT, the utility token of Zippie. This makes it not only a great deal for anyone purchasing the card, but also an excellent tool to build the Zippie community and give them something back immediately. Community members can earn even more tokens by, for example, referring their friends to Zippie.

We’re convinced this is a game changer and we’re not alone. Last week, we partnered with Blacture to launch the US’s first blockchain smartphone. What’s more, our community is over 15,000 strong and growing daily.

Thousands of community members have already signed up to get a Zippie ID and a few hundred have bought Zippie cards. If you want to join them, you can purchase the card here. If you’d like to follow our progress, we’re on Reddit, Twitter and Telegram. We look forward to seeing you there.