A detailed look at Zippie token allocation and the circulating supply

We’re very happy to confirm that the Zippie token (ZIPT), which fuels the Zippie mobile OS, becomes transferable on the 30th of April 2018. Here’s a summary of the token allocation and circulating supply during the first months.

Overall allocation

The overall Zippie token allocation stands as originally planned. A large part of the total 1 billion tokens are reserved for ecosystem development, while the remaining tokens are shared between token sales, the team and the company.

ZIPT allocation:

  • 40% ecosystem (released over several years)
  • 25% token sales
  • 20% team (2-year gradual vesting)
  • 15% company (2-year linear vesting)

40% for the ecosystem

We believe it’s critical that a major share of the tokens are reserved to grow the Zippie ecosystem in the coming years. These tokens will be released gradually over several years, and used to:

  • Incentivise people to start using Zippie powered products
  • Incentivise developers to build the Zippie OS and Zippie powered products
  • Incentivise developers to add their products and services to the Zippie OS
  • Support projects and partners which strengthen the Zippie ecosystem

The first concrete use for the ecosystem tokens is to attract some tens of thousands of people to actively use and promote the early version of Zippie OS. This will be done through the Zippie community program, more details of which will be published soon.

Initially, 90 million ZIPT (9% of total ZIPT) will be released during the first five months to empower the community program and other Zippie ecosystem initiatives. For the remaining ecosystem tokens, we’re assessing the ideal organization structure, smart contract setup etc. to ensure that 1.) ecosystem tokens are transparently used for their intended purposes, and that 2.) ecosystem tokens are released in a pre-defined schedule over time in a trusted manner. We’ll share more information once we decide upon the most effective way of doing this.

25% token sales

We had a limited pre-sale in late 2017 to bootstrap the Zippie project after a year and half of groundwork. Overall, 133 million ZIPT (13,3% of total) were allocated to more than 500 pre-sale contributors. This allocation includes pre-sale bonuses and excludes 12 million ZIPT we bought back from some pre-sale contributors last month. The majority, 86 million, of pre-sale tokens are locked up from two to nine months.

The pre-sale was followed by a private sale in early 2018. Overall, 103 million ZIPT (10,3% of total) were allocated for private sale contributors. 40 million of these tokens are holding bonuses, to encourage private sale contributors to hold their ZIPT for up to 10 months. Base price in private sale was 1 ETH = 5,000 ZIPT, going up to 1 ETH = 12,500 ZIPT with maximum strategic partner and long holding period bonuses.

Zippie bought back 12 million ZIPT (1,2% of total) from pre-sale contributors, and keeps 2 million (0,2% of total ZIPT) unsold ZIPT from private sale allocation. These tokens are unlocked and will be used over time by the Zippie project as it sees best to flourish the Zippie ecosystem.

Overall, token sales allocation totals to 250 million ZIPT.

15% company

150 million ZIPT are allocated to Zippie, the company responsible for ramping up the Zippie ecosystem. These tokens are used for various purposes such as incentivising R&D, marketing and other subcontractors. The tokens are released to Zippie through a smart contract over a period of two years, with an even allocation of 6.25 million ZIPT per month.

20% team

200 million ZIPT are allocated to incentivise the current and future core team of the Zippie project. The tokens are released gradually over two years by a smart contract to incentivise long-term support for the Zippie project as follows:

  • 27 million during first 6 months
  • 33 million during months 7–12
  • 50 million during months 13–18
  • 90 million during months 19–24

Circulating supply

The circulating supply of Zippie tokens by the end of the first five months is as follows:

  • Token launch (30th April 2018): 133 million
  • May 2018: 163 million
  • June 2018: 220 million
  • July 2018: 262 million
  • August 2018: 314 million
  • September: 341 million

That’s the Zippie token allocation and supply in a nutshell. As usual, you’re welcome to join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter for further token talk!