The Zipper Monthly Update #1

As you can probably imagine, we’ve been incredibly busy here at Zipper HQ. So, to keep the Zipper community on top of everything that’s been happening, we’ve decided to launch a monthly update. Our aim is simple: To summarise all the latest developments, showcase our most important news and to share our future plans. There’s tons to talk about so let’s jump right in.

Product news

We now have a functional prototype

Our main developers Carsten and Tom have been busy building the core parts of Zipper. After months of hard work, we now have a functional prototype. When the Sony Xperia X Android smartphone is turned on it launches Zipper, along with Brave browser pre-installed. After boot-up, users can create their Zipper identity and wallet with a straightforward sign-up process.

Signing up with Zipper prototype.

We’re also making good progress with containerisation. The aim of this is for the user’s identity and wallet data to be stored in an isolated container which Android can’t access.

We’ll demonstrate the prototype next week at Mobile World Congress (more on that below), and continue the work around our Alpha/minimum viable product offering in March. This involves working on signup flow, identity creation and recovery, wallet, home view, containers, and key split function.

We’re trialling a web-based solution

One of our key goals is to make Zipper as easily scalable as possible, meaning that device manufacturers, operators and users can easily start using and distributing Zipper. With this in mind, we’ve been trialling a fully web-based Zipper solution. This means that the more than 2 billion Android and iOS users who have a modern web browser in their phones could access and use Zipper anytime, without needing to use a specific device or install any app or plugin.

Moreover, this would make it extremely easy for device manufacturers to offer Zipper out-of-the-box to their users.

Going forward, we continue developing and testing both the web-based and container-based Zipper solution (container is rooted deeper in the user’s smartphone for added security). In the near future, we’ll publish a blog post describing the web and container based solutions in more detail.

A UX upgrade is on the way

Since early February, we’ve had two design experts onboard to refine the overall Zipper experience and user interface. The team has years of experience in designing mobile products for some of the world’s most successful technology companies. We’ve had the pleasure of working with these guys before and we’re confident that they’re the ideal choice for making Zipper and crypto easy to use, even for non-technical people. Expect to see the first Alpha UI teasers in the coming weeks.

Exploring the future

In addition to many other things, the Zipper skunkworks lab, aka Carsten, has been busy exploring possible future product directions.This includes such things as a personal multisig. This is a simplification that allows us to do multisigs containing personally owned ERC20 tokens at scale on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that we can essentially provide ‘vaults’ for every Zipper user, where a Zipper user could access her funds with the combination of several authentication methods such as pin code, facial recognition, fingerprint, etc. There are very few similar commercial-ready solutions already existing, so we’re excited to dig deeper. We’ll be sure to write more about this in the coming weeks.

Community developments

We’ve launched a community program instead of a crowdsale

As we communicated a few weeks ago, Zipper launched a community program instead of a token crowdsale to encourage a truly engaged, product-focused community. The 5,000 spots in the program whitelist filled up in around a week, and the positive feedback from the community has been heartwarming. Next, we’ll continue refining the program details and will communicate more info to the whitelisted participants during March-April. For now, no actions are required if you’re whitelisted. If you haven’t received confirmation of that yet, don’t worry. We’ll send you an email early next week double-confirming that you are, indeed, on the whitelist.

There’s been 10-fold growth!

In late 2017, when we announced the Zipper project and pre-sale, we were a group of just a few hundred people united by a vision of easily accessible web 3.0 through our smartphones.

As of today, there’s more than 15,000 subscribers across our channels. It’s been great to see this organic growth and enjoy the high-quality community discussions. (The first “when moon?” query only appeared in our Telegram after we’d reached 2,500 members ;) However, with growth comes challenges. It’s easy, for example, to miss important and interesting discussion topics. Consequently, we’re currently considering options to keep the discussion open, enjoyable, product-focused and of high-quality. If you have ideas or examples of methods which have worked with other crypto projects, please ping us on Telegram.

Token news

Pre-sale participants locked up most of their tokens

As mentioned in the Zipper Telegram, we made a proposal to our pre-sale contributors to lock most of their ZIPT tokens for 6 months. In the new proposal, contributors would get their 30% bonus when ZIPT becomes transferable, and their remaining ZIPT tokens gradually over 6 months. The proposal was made to calm worries that there’ll be too many tokens flooding onto the market by pre-sale contributors once ZIPT becomes transferable.

Most of pre-sale contributors accepted the proposal, covering 66% of total contributions. This means that there’s significantly less Zipper tokens circulating in the market in the first few months. A before/after summary of pre-sale tokens in circulating supply is as follows:

                    Day 1               Day 90
Before proposal 113 million (11%) 123 million (12%)
After proposal 63 million (6%) 91 million (9%)
Total ZIPT supply: 1 billion

We’ll publish more detailed circulating supply calculations after the ongoing ZIPT private token sale is concluded.

Security audit to start, token distributed soon after

The ZIPT token smart contract is now ready for a security audit. You can view the token code here. We’ll start the audit with a known 3rd party in the next few days.

The ZIPT token is distributed to pre-sale contributors, bounty participants and private sale participants soon after the audit has completed. We estimate the audit will be complete in the first half of March. We’ll confirm the exact token distribution date once the security audit has been fully conducted and code approved.

The ZIPT token becomes transferable once the Zipper platform launches. Currently, we estimate this will be by the end of March.

Marketing updates

We’re building awareness gradually

Some of our community have been wondering why we’re not blasting ads in ICO sites or buying articles in crypto publications. This is a conscious choice: we want to build awareness in an organic, word-of-mouth fashion, without over-hyping the project or token before we’ve actually shipped a product people can and want to use. Building a long-lasting brand is not a few months long sprint, which ends in a token listing. It’s a several years’ long marathon based on actual deliverables and keeping promises. Our marketing strategy is built accordingly.

Moreover, we’ve established a partnership with a kick-ass digital marketing agency who’ve helped world-class brands such as Angry Birds, Microsoft and Nokia reach tens of millions of people. They’ll help us create top quality content and develop strategies to ensure we reach the masses in a smart and sustainable way.

A whitepaper update

We’re currently finalizing the next version of our whitepaper, which includes some updates especially regarding the token model. We’ll publish the whitepaper in a week or two.

We’re overhauling the brand

On a less positive note, another Zipper-named blockchain project has recently appeared out of the blue and listed their similarly named ZIP token to a major token exchange. It’s worth noting that we’ve been using Zipper and the ZIP token names since late 2016. However, after discussions with the owner of the large company behind the project, we’ve come to the conclusion that, for various reasons, we need to change the Zipper name. It’s certainly not the best time to do it, but we still feel it’s better to do it sooner rather than later, and especially before our product and token are out in the market. Happily, this is also our chance to come up with an even better name and brand. We look forward to sharing more about this soon!

New partnerships

Uppsala / Sentinel Protocol

We’re happy to announce a partnership with Uppsala, who are developing the Sentinel Protocol. Uppsala provides collective security intelligence solutions based on blockchain to prevent hacks, scams, and frauds against crypto assets. Uppsala also won the recent developer competition organized by Kyber Network and Hashed, one of our early backers. Needless to say, we’re very excited to have security experts of Uppsala’s caliber as partners.

We’re going to Mobile World Congress

Our CEO Antti will attend Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. MWC is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, and the place to meet old and new device manufacturer partners, operators, internet companies and more. Expect more eyes in the mobile industry to be opened when Antti gets to pitch the next generation of mobile, the internet of value, powered by Zipper.

Team news

New recruits join the team

Besides new design and marketing partners, we’re also happy to have three top new pros joining the Zipper core team.

Jason Lam has started as Zipper’s CFO. Jason is the former CFO of two Hong Kong stock-listed companies. Jason’s finance and corporate governance expertise will be crucial as we set sail into the new waters of token economies.

Vincent Cheung is Zipper’s Chief of Hardware, and former head of Motorola worldwide CDMA & ODM quality, and COO of E28, the pioneering Linux mobile company. Vincent has an extensive contact network within mobile device manufacturers across Asia and will be our path to reaching these potential partners. We worked with Vincent for years during our time at Jolla.

Annika Hiltunen is our new legal & BD, with 7+ years experience of developing and protecting brands in the Asian markets. Annika will ensure that we’ll build long-lasting partnerships backed by the right legal agreements and structures.

A warm welcome to all three!

We have more open positions

We’re constantly looking for new talent. If you’re passionate about Zipper’s vision and have expertise in the areas below (or are eager to learn), get in touch at Happily, we’re pretty flexible when it comes to location and whether you work part or full time.

R&D program manager — You can manage the big picture, understand the technology and ship products on schedule.

Product manager — You love end-users, care for business partners and can spec the product accordingly.

Community manager — You’re eager to help build our global, lovable Zipper community.

That’s it for our first update, folks. We’re sure you have a ton of questions and comments, so why not head on over to our Telegram to chat some more. You’re guaranteed a very warm welcome.

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