We’ve rebranded. Zipper is now Zippie!

Say hello to our new logo

As community members know, we’ve been busy developing our brand to make it a better fit for the future. Many of you might be aware that another blockchain project has recently appeared using the name Zipper, as well as a token very similar to ours. As you can imagine, that has the unfortunate potential to lead to problems for us in the future. We decided that it’s best to avoid these problems altogether through rebranding. And happily, there’s a bright side — it’s provided us with the perfect opportunity to dig even deeper into who are and what we aim to do.

So, after great deliberation, we’ve finally decided on a new name. It’s one which we believe better communicates our vision and where we’re heading: The new name is Zippie.

It’s a small change, we know — but we feel that Zippie more clearly embodies the ideology behind what we’re working on, while remaining true to our original goals. We love it and we hope you do too.

Why Zippie?

For the past few weeks, we’ve been brainstorming and researching possible new names. We came up with lists upon lists of great — and some not so great — options. We all pitched in on this effort. We even noticed a few great ideas from our community members, some of which made it to the semi-finals. In the end, after all this head-banging, we realised that the solution was right in front of us all along. Why make a huge change and completely ditch what inspired our original name? We decided it would be better to simply fine-tune the name we already know and love.

When we founded the project, we chose Zipper not only because it expressed ease and quickness of connecting peers, but because we were, in part, inspired by a little-known counter-culture that celebrated freedom. The “Zippies”, as they were known, were all about the free exchange of culture, goods, and services. In the 90s, the term was applied to another counter-cultural group who strove for a balance between creativity and logic, and often used technology to do so. Both of these ideologies are something we can relate to.

Zippie’s vision

At Zippie, we envision a decentralized world where anyone anywhere can tap into the power of the blockchain and regain control over their digital life. We should all have the freedom to decide whether or not our data is for sale, and should we decide to make an exchange, we should be the ones profiting from it — not a global corporation. The sharing economy is taking over, and blockchain will be what sets us free. With Zippie’s help, of course.

Zippie. Say it out loud. It’s fun to say, it feels peppy, and it feels like us.

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