Why we’re launching a Zipper community program and how to get involved

You’ll be pleased to hear that, since our last update, things have been moving very swiftly here at Zipper. Happily, our token pre-sale launched in November last year was a big success, enabling us to hit our $3M hard cap. Needless to say, we’re incredibly thankful to everyone joining us on this exciting journey.

A new way of distributing tokens

Previously, we’ve discussed having our main crowdsale in March. However, while crowdsales have many advantages, they also come with risks. These include price fluctuations, the risk of scams and the encouragement of flippers (short term traders). We don’t want to see what killed other token projects, namely speculation.

What’s more, there’s been huge demand during our private sale, which has been ongoing since mid-January. In fact, about 80% of our private contributor allocation has already been sold. Qualified contributors with a minimum of 100 ETH can, of course, still get involved in the private sale by emailing us. For others who want to support our project, we’ve decided upon a new model for distributing tokens, instead of the originally planned crowdsale.

Earn tokens by joining Zipper’s community program

As a project, we do not need further funding — what we need is you, enthusiastic community members who help us make Zipper better by giving feedback, sharing ideas, testing the technology and spreading the word.

Zipper’s community program will be built around our product and reward those community members who help us develop Zipper by using and advocating Zipper. We want people to boost the product, and with that comes interest towards the token.

How it works

  • Up to 5,000 community members can join the program through a whitelist
  • Program is open for new community members only — if you participated to the pre-sale or private sale, give others a chance!
  • Each participant is airdropped 5,000 Zipper tokens three months after the program has started, if he/she has done one or both of the following: 1. Actively tested and used the early version of Zipper and given feedback
    2. Invited new active users for Zipper
  • There is a 0.1 ETH program fee, hopefully weeding out people who are only after free tokens
  • Participants are required to do KYC before their Zipper tokens are distributed

Moreover, community program participants are entitled to a holding scheme together with pre-sale and private sale contributors. The more Zipper tokens participants hold, the greater benefits they get. We’ll communicate more details about the holding scheme in the near future.

How to join the program

To get involved, you just need to sign up to the program whitelist.

We’ll be publishing more program details to all participants closer to Zipper product launch in March.

Our aim in creating this product-focused community is to help members become active participants in the long-term success of the project. We believe this is a smarter, more sustainable, and more effective way of helping the world fully understand Zipper’s incredible potential. We hope you agree.

There has been also lot of questions about the pre-sale, token metrics and so on. Please see our FAQ for the most often asked questions. In the near future, we look forward to sharing more insights into general project progress, including details on concepting, new recruits, and token audit status. If you’re eager for more info right now, check out our website, and join our community at Telegram and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you there.