Zipper mid-month schedule update

It’s been only a few weeks since our first Monthly Update, but there are already many new updates worth sharing in the Zipperland, especially regarding our token and product schedule. Here we go:

ZIPT token distribution

The current estimate for ZIPT distribution to pre-sale and private sale contributors and bounty participants is Thursday 29th March.

ZIPT token security audit has been successfully concluded and the token is technically ready to be distributed. However, there are still a few open items for us to resolve in the coming weeks before token distribution:

Rebranding — We currently have a new brand name candidate, and are doing trademark and other checks. Due to the new name, we might need to also change our ZIPT token name and ticker. We prefer to distribute the tokens only after the rebranding is done and announced to avoid unnecessary changes after distribution and confusion among token receivers.

Token buyback offer to pre-sale contributors — To ensure a smooth launch for our token in these turbulent times in the crypto market, we have also approached our pre-sale contributors with a token buyback offer. With this offer, Zipper offers to buy back the majority of pre-sale tokens which are liquid during the first two months after ZIPT becomes transferable. This is to ensure that an optimal amount of ZIPT tokens are available in the market during the first months, and that there is a maximum number of token holders who believe in the project in the long-term vs. “flippers”. To avoid sending ZIPT forth and back with pre-sale contributors, we’ve decided to wrap up the buyback offer (deadline 23rd March) before distributing any tokens.

ZIPT token transferability

The current estimate for ZIPT to become transferable is April.

As we have communicated since the start of the pre-sale, ZIPT will become transferable after the Zipper product launches. Moreover, we want to ensure enough liquidity for the token by the time it becomes transferable, preferably combined with a positive sentiment in the overall crypto market. We’ll communicate more details about the transferability date and possible listings in April.

Zipper Alpha launch

The current estimate for Zipper Alpha to launch for pre-sale participants is April, aligned with the token schedule. This will also give us a few more weeks to enhance the Alpha experience and prepare a few surprises. Expect to see the first product teaser video next week :)

Our current plan is to make the product available for the 5,000 Zipper community program participants a month or two after the pre-sale contributors, after ensuring the product is mature enough for thousands of new early adopters.

Sony Xperia for pre-sale contributors

160 pre-sale participants who contributed 5 ETH or more will also receive a Sony Xperia smartphone. There are some items which we need to continue working on, such as product readiness and fiat connections, before we can announce a concrete shipping date for the devices. We’ll share more information and enquire shipping addresses from the receivers as soon as we get the details ironed out.

To wrap up the schedule:

  • ZIPT token distribution: by 29th March
  • ZIPT token becomes transferable: April (estimate)
  • Zipper Alpha launch: April (estimate)
  • Sony Xperia shipping: More info coming soon

As always, you’re welcome to join our Telegram for further discussion and questions.