Zippie Monthly Update #2

Another month has passed and we’ve got lots of exciting news to share. So, let’s get right to it.

Product news

New product video released

Our product development is proceeding steadily on all fronts, and we’ve just released a new product video to show what we’ve been up to. Please let us know what you think, as this one will guide new people towards our project in the coming months.

Check out our latest product video.

Seeking the best user experience

Some of the current work being done relates to heavy experimentation with UX & UI, hints of which can be witnessed in the video. This is both exciting and worthy of a word of caution: we want to remind everyone that this is a work in progress, everything is subject to change.

Smartcard for recovery & 2FA

As you can see, we’re experimenting with using a smart card to recover your identity in case you lose your device. The card could also be used for two factor authentication for confirming large transactions. The idea is that as your Zippie identity grows more valuable, with more funds etc, you’d integrate the card to make your funds even more secure.

We’ve had some challenges with the capabilities of such smart cards, such as them not combining Elliptic Curves with the SHA256 hashing algorithm. This is required if you’d like to integrate digital signatures made by the card with, for example, Ethereum’s EVM. However, we’re working hard to overcome these obstacles.

Zippie smartcard in action.

Alpha on schedule to ship in April

And, to sum up product news — we know this will please many of you! We’re on schedule to ship Alpha by the end of April for pre-sale participants. Community program participants will likely follow few months after, once we have ensured that the product is stable enough for wider testing.

On a sidenote, our new GitHub URL is where you can see our work related to Vault, Personal Multisigs and other Zippie technologies. Lately, we’ve developed ‘blank check’ functionality that allows users to send funds from their personal multisigs to others through QR code or other mediums without knowing their recipient address. This can yield much smoother UX.

Token news

First Zippies distributed

As we’re sure that many pre-sale, bounty and private sale participants have noticed, we distributed the first Zippie tokens (ZIPT) on March 29th.

3/4 of pre-sale contributors agreed to a 6-month lockup

As a reminder, our token will be transferable on April 30, so our community is warming up with the weather in the northern hemisphere. That being said, 75% of pre-sale participants agreed to lock up a majority of their tokens for up to six months, to ensure a gradual release.

1/4 of pre-sale contributors participated to token buyback

We’re really inspired and humbled by the fact that only 25% of pre-sale participants took our offer and wanted to sell us back a portion of their tokens valued at 10K ZIPT for one ETH. Without a doubt, this means the vast majority of you are confident in the Zippie project in the long term. We want to thank you for this vote of confidence.

Marketing news

Zippie is here

We’ve been busy developing our brand to make it a better fit for the future. Many of you might be aware that another blockchain project has recently appeared using the name Zipper, as well as a token very similar to ours. We decided that rather than have people get confused by the similarity, we’d rebrand. And happily, this provided us with the perfect opportunity to dig even deeper into who are and what we aim to do. Now, after after an extensive process, we’ve changed our name from Zipper to Zippie. We hope you like it as much as we do. To get a clear picture of the rationale, please check out our announcement post.

We’re also working on to increase our marketing efforts hand in hand with the product readiness, to raise awareness to a new level once we have a product people can try out.


Ongoing negotiations

Partnerships are sensitive topics, and in our case subject to non-disclosure agreements over months of negotiation. However, we’re happy to say that we’re in serious talks over substantial partnerships with several well-known companies.

We’re very excited about these and can’t wait to give you more detail. The news in this area will be announced as soon as negotiations are concluded and we’ll allowed to share details.

Team news

New hires for product development

Our team is growing. We’ve hired a product program manager, a technical support specialist and engaged several expert smart contract developers. As followers of the tech industry will know, however, more people doesn’t necessary mean instantly faster work progress, especially in software engineering.

Most importantly, we’re focused on restrained and manageable growth that allows our new team members to absorb our company culture, and in turn learn the skills to onboard more people in the future.

We are also actively developing ‘outcome tokens’ and user interfaces around this. This makes it easier for us to outsource challenges, which we might be having in the project to the community. We firmly believe innovation happens best when involving an active community.

So, that’s it for now. It’s been an exciting month, with good progress on all fronts. We expect more of the same in April. To see for yourself, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Facebook and YouTube.

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