Zippie Monthly Update #9

Time flies when you’re working hard and here at Zippie HQ we’ve had an insanely busy month. Consequently, this month’s update is jam-packed with exciting news. So, let’s get to it.

Product news

First up, product development has been moving along very nicely. We released Alpha 4 during October, which included the first Zippie card features. You can read the Alpha 4 release post for more details. We’ve now been focusing on creating more card features, including recovery using the Zippie card. We’ve also gone through a rebranding process and we’re currently working on the new look and feel.

What’s more, last month, we launched our Sign in with Zippie button onto the Ethereum Kovan testnet. Our 10-second onboarding doesn’t require any browser extensions nor app downloads, and it takes only a few clicks to get a Zippie ID and Wallet. If you are a dApp developer, it’s really easy to add support for the Zippie button to gain more users. You can also try Sign in with Zippie functionality yourself using the Impacto demo, which is a cool demo app we created for DevCon. If you need help with it, head on over to our Telegram Support channel.

Marketing and partnership news

Needless to say, launching the world’s fastest onboarding for dApps gained us lots of attention. Online, Sign in with Zippie got lots of positive feedback from the Ethereum community, which culminated in Sign in with Zippie posts topping all of the major Ethereum subreddits during the launch. This excitement was mirrored in the real world when we attended DevCon and presented to projects there. The developer community was especially impressed with the chance to gain a UX for their projects and, consequently, we’re talking with a wide variety of potential partners about adding Sign in with Zippie to their dApps.

Zippie is fastest by far

Currently, our main priority is to get the product out on the mainnet, so any project that wants to can start using it. If you’d like to give it a go yourself, you can already visit our Github to check out the code and see how it works. What’s more, if you are interested in implementing the Sign in with Zippie solution but have some questions, please reach out to us at or go to our Telegram Support channel. And for a more detailed look at the tech behind our solution, check out the Sign in with Zippie questions answered post.

Our new website launched

We were also super excited to launch our brand new website, along with an updated version of our whitepaper. This new version breaks down how we aim to realize our vision of making mass adoption of dApps easier and help people to hold and transact in crypto. The website also showcases how the product will look once it’s launched and explains the functionality. Additionally, the site contains subpages for our onboarding solution as well as one for our marketplace solution. Here we explain how online retailers can incentivize purchases with crypto cashback to their customers. As you can see, the website is an example of our new brand. Thus far, we’re very happy to report that feedback on the new look has been really positive and, we believe, its accessibility beautifully supports our mass market goals.

Getting down to business at DevCon

As already mentioned, we had the great pleasure of heading to Prague for DevCon. Five of the team attended and we all spent tons of time talking to projects in the Ethereum developer space and pitching the Sign in with Zippie solution. The turnout was really impressive this year and the event itself well organized. We’re happy to report that rather than ICO hype, the focus was very much on building real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Relaxing after a hard day at DevCon

Practically everyone we pitched really liked the solution and there was very much an undertone of “we need better user experience” at the whole event. Consequently, there were many discussions about bringing Sign in with Zippie to as many -current and future- dApp users as possible. We would like to give a big thanks to the Ethereum Foundation for putting together such a quality event, as well as all the other projects for attending it with us and being a part of this fantastic community.

That’s everything for now. As you can see, it’s been a really fruitful month, with lots of exciting developments. If you can’t wait until the next monthly update, you can follow our progress and join our community on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. I look forward to seeing you there!