Zippie Product Update — October 2018

Hello Zippies! October is over and it’s time for another product update post. We finally managed to push out Alpha 4 release during October, which included the first Zippie card features and general improvements under the hood. You can read the Alpha 4 release post for more details.

Zippie Card

Since the release, we’ve been focusing on creating more card features including recovery using the Zippie card. At the time of writing, we’re still working on it and, hopefully, we can move to testing phase this week. Once the recovery part is done, we’ll start working on a revoke card feature.

New UI

As you have probably noticed, Zippie has gone through yet another rebranding process and we’re currently working on the new look and feel. At the same time, we’ve made a decision to move from Vue to React based UI, mostly to speed up development and to make the UI more responsive. With this change, it will be much easier to implement customized themes such as the one we created for Blacture.

Zippie Button

One of the biggest obstacles in the blockchain world is that it takes too much time and effort for the average non-tech person to get started. Here at Zippie, we’ve worked hard to solve this problem with our 10 second onboarding, which you can now try in the testnet. It doesn’t require any browser extension nor app downloads, and it takes only a few clicks to get a Zippie ID and Wallet. As we don’t want to keep this technology to ourselves, we’ve introduced Sign in with Zippie button.

If you are a dApp developer, it’s really easy to add support for the Zippie button to gain more users via Zippie’s 10 second onboarding.

Currently, the wallet API — a 3rd party interface to use the Zippie wallet— is still under work, but we aim to finalize it within the next month. We have detailed documentation and code examples available in GitHub. What’s more, you can also try Sign in with Zippie functionality yourself using the Impacto demo, which is a cool demo app we created for Devcon.

Please ping us in Telegram if you need more support. We’ve got super helpful developers in our Telegram Support channel who are always ready to lend a hand.

Security Audit

We’ve finally decided to start the second phase of the security audit. We aim to move the main net during December and therefore it’s very important to get this process rolling again. We’ll start the audit from the code that’s considered done. This includes vault, vault-api, vault-web3-provider, signup, card-registration, provider-engine, smartcard and eccrypto. The critical code that we’re currently working on will be audited last to avoid any extra work.

Next Alpha 5 Release

The next release will be out when we have finalized the recovery functionality using the Zippie card. The new React based UI with the new main wallet will also be included in the Alpha 5 release and Zippie will be closer to its new look by then. Happily, the application feels great already, so let’s hope we can push it out really soon!

In the meantime, why not follow our project’s progress and join our community on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. See you there!