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Why We’re Bullish on POAPs

Image source: https://poap.xyz/

Growing Together.

Building a protocol is hard work, from operations, to financial and technical engineering, to marketing and creative design. Throughout this process, we want to ensure that the early community support and contribution is accessible, recognised and can be remembered. When the time comes to share in the success (e.g. testnet, mainnet, future creative endeavours, cross platform collaborations in the pipeline), we can meaningfully do so. Ok, but how?

…Enter POAP!

One way to record participation is through a POAT (‘Proof of Attendance Token’), an ERC-721 token that can live on the xDAI or Ethereum network. We will be using POAP (‘Proof of Attendance Protocol’) to track, mint and reward our community. (Side note: the token is called a POAT, and the protocol is POAP, but in layman terms they are used interchangeably.)

Source: https://poap.xyz/

With POAPs, as issuers we are able to:

  • Issue: Ability to issue POAPs to users whether they have an on-chain wallet or not, anywhere and anytime in the world, instantly.
  • Track: Option to control and share mint links with select participants, and in a limited quantity / time period to so only real Zenders who attended receive POATs.
  • Reward: Create raffles specific to those holding specific POATs, and / or adjust raffle tickets based on a selection of POATs per holder.

For our community who collect POAPs, you will be able to:

  • Claim: Using either ETH wallet address, email reserve links, POAP dispenser or secret password directly from the POAP app — in way that ensures that only those who attended will be able to claim.
  • Collect: Collect multiple exclusive POAPs easily in a single wallet, any time and any place (as long as there is internet) and rest easy you will not lose them, without worrying about authenticity. (Also, it’s just fun to collect these memories, and look back at them or brag about your collection to friends.)
  • Join: Participate in community raffles with other people who attended the same events as you!
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If you didn’t get the subtext, the news is that we will be commencing the issuance of our official zkLend POAPs. They will be issued throughout our community events for real participation — AMAs, competitions and giveaways, to name few.

Wen first drop? Very soon. (Really, very soon.)

What to expect: Cat’s in the bag. But, we will say rewards will be rolled out as participants join us as we ship product, secure partnerships, and reach major milestones! 👀

So, we’re just giving you a heads up about why we’re BULLISH on POAPs. Some of you might have already been collecting our zkLend POAPs, you’ve got a head start!

P.s. For more information on POAPS:

About zkLend

zkLend is an L2 money-market protocol built on StarkNet, combining zk-rollup scalability, superior transaction speed, and cost-savings with Ethereum’s security. The protocol offers a dual solution: a permissioned and compliance-focused solution for institutional clients, and a permissionless service for DeFi users — all without sacrificing decentralisation.

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