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Breaking Update: Public Sale of James Rodríguez Zurda NFT Collection Scheduled for August 15

Dear ZKSpace community and football fans,

The saying goes “good things happen to those who wait”, and we know you’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Therefore, we’re now thrilled to announce that the James Rodríguez Zurda NFT will go on sale on August 15th, 2022!

NFT Details: Value, Perks, Utilities

Zurda (“left foot” in Spanish) is an official collection of commemorative NFTs created in collaboration with football superstar James Rodríguez to be issued on ZKsea. It contains only 1,500 pieces with four rarity levels, incorporating all the iconic moments and highlights of the footballer’s glorious career.

As we explained in more detail in our latest blog post, we have designed both online and offline benefits for all Zurda NFT holders. The former includes various signed memorabilia, and the latter access to a series of upcoming events on our platform, token bonus, fee discounts, etc, which are listed in but not confined to the chart below:

As we have noticed a continuous increase in awareness and amount of whitelist holders in our community, we felt that it was time for public sale. We have all the event pages ready with clear UI/UX and tutorials to guide you through the purchase experience. The public sale consists of two parts: the first is the auction of the Platinum and Gold NFTs.

PART 1: Auction

A total of 11 memorable moments formed the inspiration for these NFTs, and they were all motion graphics digitally painted by professional artists, as we disclosed on Twitter recently. They include the goal that won the 2014 Puskas Award, and some of his monumental moments from when he played for Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, etc. If you’re curious about what these NFTs look like, be sure to check out our events page when the auction opens!

The auction will start on August 15th, at 7:00 am UTC. At ZKSea we have prepared a dedicated page for the auction, which will transition to feature other auctions in the future. For now, when the auction page is live, you can find the auction tab on the zks.org navigation bar with a small icon of James Rodríguez playing football beside it.

How to bid

All users are free to bid during the auction. Each bid must at least equal the last bid plus the bid increment. An auction deposit will be required when bidders make their first bid. Your account balance should be sufficient for each bid, and no fees will be charged for non-first bids.

If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you have two hours to complete the payment. Note that if you fail to pay within 2 hours, the chance of getting this NFT will be given to the second highest buyer. So be sure to have enough money in your Layer 2 wallet when the auction opens. Zurda can only be purchased with ETH. Find out how to deposit ETH to your Layer 2 wallet:

From Ethereum mainnet to Layer 2 — https://en.wiki.zks.org/tutorials/zkspace-tutorials#2.-deposit-transfer-and-withdraw

Fiat currenty deposit — https://en.wiki.zks.org/tutorials/banxa-zkspace-tutorial, video tutorial — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-_XNrgkjFs

Please rest assured that ZKSea is a decentralized and non-custodial platform. This means that your deposit is kept in your own wallet, and the platform has no technical means to misuse your funds. You can withdraw or transfer your funds at any time.

After the auction ends, the system will automatically return your deposit. For bidders who have won the bidding but fail to pay within two hours, the deposit will not be returned.

After your payment is received, the NFT will be minted and sent to your Layer 2 wallet. Thereafter, you can hold it and continue exploring the Layer 2 NFT marketplace ZKSea, or you can withdraw it to Layer 1 as all NFTs minted on ZKSea are Ethereum native assets.

PART 2: Mystery Box Sale

The second part of the public sale is the sale of the mystery boxes scheduled on August 17, 7:00 am UTC. The mystery boxes contain Zurda NFTs in silver and bronze grades. And on opening a mystery box, you will become the proud owner of artwork representing one of eight classic moments from James Rodríguez’s illustrious career spanning three continents.


The price of a mystery box is 0.15 ETH, with a discount price of 0.12 ETH provided to community members who are on the whitelist. If you want to get yourself on the whitelist before the public sale, join the community and follow the instructions in the channel of James Rodríguez NFT. You can get on the fast track to secure a whitelist spot by pre-depositing the purchase fund of 0.12 ETH by following the instruction here. Or you can check out our Twitter, where we hold activities now and then with WL spot giveaways.

The mystery boxes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, it is recommended that you have your alarm clock set and come to the event page in time when the mystery boxes are on sale.

We look forward to seeing you on the public sale day!

ZKSpace team

About ZKSpace

The ZKSpace (formerly ZKSwap) platform consists of three main parts: ZKSwap, the first Layer 2 AMM DEX utilizing ZK-Rollups technology, payment service ZKSquare supporting fast and cheap Batch Transfer, and an NFT minting center and marketplace ZKSea. ZKSpace has been running since February 2021 with hundreds of function iterations, and no security incidents have ever occurred. With innovative NFT L1-L2 transfer, unlimited token listing, cheap and smooth deposit & withdrawal and optimized efficiency, ZKSpace aims to implement EVM-compatible ZK-Rollups and bring the community more Layer 2-based products in the near future.

Stay Tuned

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ZKSpace is an all-in-one layer2 platform, featuring ZKSwap, ZKSea, and ZKSquare.

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ZKSpace (https://zks.org) is an all-in-one layer2 platform, featuring ZKSwap, ZKSea, and ZKSquare.