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Is Layer2 System Reboot Safe? More Importantly, Will It Affect Users Funds Safety?

Regarding the questions in the headline, the answers are Yes, it is safe to reboot the Layer2 system and No, it doesn’t affect user funds’ safety.

The liquidity mining campaign launched by the ZKSwap team has been extremely popular and users are very enthusiastic about participating. Due to the excessive demand for participation, the drastic increase of Layer2 transactions has caused some minor system errors and brought some doubts.

ZKSwap team wants to address these issues openly to alleviate users concerns:

Occasional user transactions failure

On-chain transactional failure can happen when Ethernet mainnet cannot execute a transaction due to an insufficient gas limit. Predicting gas consumption can be challenging due to the large number of different transaction types contained in the block in a short period of time, leading to small amounts of insufficient gaslimit. A system reboot is a necessary procedure to readjust gaslimit to resume processing

Addressing the Core FUD — Funds Security

We understand that funds security is the core FUD for every user. ZKSwap is a decentralized layer2 protocol, meaning that we have no power over users’ funds. Please check out the linked article to learn more about how the restrictions work. https://zkswapofficial.medium.com/few-thoughts-about-keeping-l2-data-off-chain-a-trade-off-between-l2-efficiency-and-data-95800e960e1b

We’d like to emphasize the fact that users’ funds are safe under the system reboot state and there is no need to panic. All users’ account status are saved in the cache, which generates a Merkle tree root for value restoring. The user’s balance remains unchanged before and after the system reboot. Please check your wallet assets after the system reboot for confirmation.

The ZKSwap team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our users for your support, trust, and active participation. We will keep perfecting the underlying system to make it friendly and easy to use. The ZKSwap team will continue to offer rewarding activities to reward your support.

Last but not least, the ZKSwap team wants to reassure you that your funds are safe! Stay Tuned!



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