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ZKSwap April Milestone — What have we accomplished so far and Q&A as well as Weekly Dev & Operations Update, April 26 — May 1st

A Letter to ZKSwap Community,

Dear All,

We have accomplished some amazing work lately together in April.

In April, we completed the contract and circuit development for unlimited token listing, released gzks and community governance policy, as previously planned for April. We have also continued the routine work — updating, developing and optimizing the website, App, and browser.

And today, we are very excited to announce the launch of ZKSwap Layer2 for All Program as beta sites of BSC, HECO and OKChain have now supported ZKSwap V1 and we have debugged all core features.

This is major progress as the “Layer2 for All” program aims to expand the scalability for more blockchain infrastructure through Layer2, based on zero-knowledge proof.

There is still a ceiling on the number of transactions for the mainstream blockchain infrastructure. As the transaction volume soars, the cost for the transaction will be passed on to users and DApp developers. For the sake of the application prosperity of each public chain ecosystem, the ZKSwap team promotes the “Layer2 for all” multi-chain ecological strategy, which is dedicated to the expansion of public chains through cryptography and algorithms to achieve de-trusted public chains and reduce the cost of users and ecosystem development teams. ZKSwap holds up to a vision to provide a secure, universal, and open Layer2 financial infrastructure.

Currently, the ZKSwap team has opened up the decentralized governance module to share the “Layer2 for all” strategic plan with the community. We welcome you to try it and provide your comments and suggestions.

Preview link:

Here is an April Milestones that laid out the progress of where we have landed so far:

Android and IOS App Beta Testing for Public

Goal: Launch a ZKSwap beta testing version and release iteration every one or two weeks.

Progress: ZKSWap has been upgraded to beta version 0.1.3, and started the second round of small-scale testing

Launched gZKS governance policy

Goal: Release gZKS governance policy and governance page in April;

Progress: The governance plan has been released. gZKS has been issued and the governance page has been launched with details about governance rules and access to Snapshot.

  • Link to governance (https://snapshot.org/#/gzks.eth)

V2 Unlimited Token Listing

Goal: Complete V2 token listing development and will submit codes to the professional auditing team;

Progress: Smart contracts and the circuit for V2 unlimited function have been developed. We will run them through tests for further deployment.

NFT Design and Cooperation

Goal: 1 or 2 art institutions will be selected to match the NFT design proposal by the end of April.

Progress: We have finalized the first draft in cooperation with the art institution. They will initiate the creative work starting May.

We want to address frequent questions that we see in our community. Some questions have been asked repeatedly, and we have read every single one of your questions and comments carefully.

We’d like to apologize if you feel a bit neglected that your question hasn’t been answered properly. As a very lean team, our technical staff are working hard to catch up with the development process. So it is very likely that we are not able to answer questions in real time.

However, we do take note of the frequent mentions and will form feedback in our daily, weekly and monthly reports. We hope that you will understand and gradually accept this feedback mechanism. We have also opened a user forum at

And we encourage people to follow and put their questions in the forum.

FaQs of the Week

1. What’s the progress about BSC/HECOEX multichain support? What’s the rough timeline for release?

ZKSwap V1 has been deployed to the beta version of BSC/HECO and OKEx chain, we will publish the ZKSwap V2 along with the website upgrade and deploy the V2 to the BSC/HECO and OKEx Chain in June.

2. What’s the current status? Why did NFT take so long?

We will publish the 1993 NFTs in form of the artwork, and the team has commissioned an art institution for the design. The artists will initiate the design starting in May.

3. What’s the marketing plan? How to increase project awareness?

We try to raise awareness through different channels: The core logic is to get more users to hear the name of ZKSwap first, and check out the ZKSwap profile, participate in ZKSwap campaigns and experience the ZKSwap products.

So we are very active in answering questions from the media. And thanks to the very good questions the ZKSwap community has been raising. We tried to pitch the journalists about what the community is looking for and everything about Layer2 technologies to promote awareness. We also try to engage more people in our community through social media, giveaways, AMAs and hackathons so people can ultimately be interested and start trying out the tradings at ZKSwap Layer2.

4. When listed on the Coingecko/Defi Pulse/ CMC exchange page?

ZKSwap info is already accessible on Coingecko.

We are still working closely with Defi and CMC. Please be patient and we will be there eventually.

A detailed timeline/progress should be announced by next week.

5. When Binance?

We do not answer token listing questions as it will stir up unnecessary FOMO sentiment.

6. When V2?

Mid — late June.

7. When bonus reward to the PoL 5000 users?

The bonus reward should be distributed within 5 hrs.

8. Any details about the total 20,000 ZKS reward to users who tested the mobile APP?

The ZKS reward for mobile testing has been distributed. We intend to announce that in the evening of May 8th, GMT.

9. What’s the plan to have better community engagement?

  • We created a forum for the community to better engage with each other
  • And we continue to answer the community’s questions in the forms of daily report, weekly report, and monthly report letter as well as in forms of AMAs
  • Please also give suggestions in terms of better community engagement and we are happy to improve accordingly

May 1st

Core and Underlying Code Updates

Development on Smart Contracts

● Development for the V2 Alpha version is complete and under testing;

● On-chain data validation for the withdrawals — in progress

Development on Circuit

● Unlimited token listing circuit development — completed, under testing;

Service Layer

  • Deployed ZKSwap V1 under OKEx Chain, BSC and HECO under test environment;

Fundamental Product and Development Kit Upgrade

ZKSwap Browser

  • Fix a browser error caused by gZKS

Website App

● Updated single token mining document

● Added “pending collection” to “My Earnings”

● Optimized animation

ZKSwap Official Website

  • Completed the new website development — currently under testing
  • Give access to governance voting supplier — Snapshot

iOS App

● Released 0.1.3 Beta version — under second round small — scale testing

● Optimized user interaction features and friendly page cues

● Supported the airdrop and transfer function for governance tokens gZKS


Android App

● Released beta version 0.1.3, and started the second round of small-scale testing


ZKSwap Document


● Sponsored Open Defi Hackathon hosted by Gitcoin

Product Operational Data:

ZKSwap Total Value Locked peaked at $1.5 billion this week; liquidity has remained above $900 million.

Approximately 9.4 k users have accessed zks.app in the last 7 days, among them, over 63% (6k) are new visitors.

ZKSwap is a based on the ZK-Rollup technology and using the AMM model. ZKSwap also provides layer2 infrastructure for dAPPs; check our Wiki and s for details. We also have available for early testing.

And You can find us here🥰:

ZKSwap Official Website:

ZKSwap Web APP:

ZKSwap Mobile APP:

ZKSwap Twitter:

ZKSwap Official Telegram group:

ZKSwap Discord:

ZKSwap Medium:

ZKSwap Github page:

ZKSwap Reddit:



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