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ZKSwap Will Add Initial Liquidity on Uniswap and Gate.io at 3 pm on January 6, Beijing time

Adding Liquidity on Uniswap and Gate.io on Jan 6, 2021, 3 PM Beijing Time

At 3 pm Beijing time on January 6, 2021, a total of 40 million ZKS (contract address: https://etherscan.io/token/0xe4815ae53b124e7263f08dcdbbb757d41ed658c6) will provide initial liquidity (ZKS-USDT) on Uniswap and Gate.io, the initial liquidity ratio is 40,000,000 ZKS / 3,000,000 USDT. Among them, Uniswap and Gate.io each will be accounted for 50% of initial liquidity. For more details, please visit the ZKSwap official website: zks.org.

ZKSwap, a layer-2 dex using ZK-Rollups with the AMM model

ZKSwap is a layer-2 automatic market maker model decentralized exchange based on ZK-Rollups technology. ZKSwap has fully enabled trustless and gas-free payment and transfer (ZKPay) and gas-free, real-time, and infinitely scalable token swaps, and adding/removing liquidity (ZKSwap) on Ethereum layer-2.

ZKS, the ZKSwap protocol token with real utility

On January 4, 2021, ZKSwap officially announced the “ZKSwap Economic White Paper”, which elaborated on the economic model of the protocol token ZKS. The total supply of ZKS tokens is 1 billion, of which 60% of ZKS tokens will be distributed through Community Mining and allocated to community members who participate in the system. Tokens allocated to Community Mining accounts for 60% of the total token supply. Proof-of-Liquidity-Mining accounts for 15% of the total token supply, Proof-of-Gas 10%, Proof-of-ZK-Snark 15%, Proof-of-TransFee 10%, and Smart Contract Staking 10%.

The remaining 40% will be allocated to the team (15%), ecosystem developers and ecological incentives (8%), angel investors (6.7%), potential Series A investors (5.3%), and initial liquidity (4 %), and advisors (1%).

One billion ZKS tokens will be gradually unlocked in the next 4 years, with 33.03% circulating in the first year, 59.32% circulating in the second year, 83% circulating in the third year, and 90%+ circulating in the fourth year. For more details, please visit ZKSwap official website (zks.org).

And You can find us here🥰:

ZKSwap Official Website: https://zks.org/en

ZKSwap APP: https://zkswap.app

ZKSwap Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZKSwapOfficial

ZKSwap Discord: https://discord.gg/ZRxS8fYTDv

ZKSwap Github page: https://github.com/l2labs

ZKSwap Official Telegram group: https://t.me/zkswapofficial



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ZKSpace (https://zks.org) is an all-in-one layer2 platform, featuring ZKSwap, ZKSea, and ZKSquare.