Politics of The Voyage: “Is Traveling With Pets ONLY For The Rich & Patient?”

Zkylos Encounters & Evaluates A Statement Which Has Been Made By Many

Lately, it has come to our attention (when trying to book a flight for our dog for the first time), that when we have asked around as to how to go about it, the familiar response seems to be “Oh, I don’t know — I have never tried! Traveling with an animal is only for those who have money.”

And funny enough, a flight that would cost my family and me just USD 1,000 to fly overseas — to make the same trip with our dog . . .

A. We would need to use a different airline and

B. The price jumps a whopping USD 3,000 for the tickets — and this is without even having yet explained we have a companion we wish to jump on board with us!

Not to mention all the other requirements! We are talking about that including vet visits, all the fees that go along with it, documents, cargo, etc. etc.


The point is: Things need to change, and Zkylos is working hard to make that happen.

What Is The Deal? Why Is It So Hard & Expensive?

It seems that despite living in the 21st century, not only are there a tremendous number of issues with flights alone as is, but they have also not yet quite seemed to grasp the fact that a good percentage of the Earth’s population (more than a half, in fact) own and share a life with a pet.

Or maybe they have?

So that is why they want to capitalize on the matter as much as possible by offering ridiculously priced airfares with still no implemented system that allows the experience to be stress-free for everyone including the animals themselves, their owners and the people who work to organize passengers amongst those who are standing by!

The bigger picture? It affects a a hell of a lot of people! It is a real domino effect!


As the current situation stands, the statement mentioned above regarding the idea that those who travel with pets have money, reluctantly, is more than likely correct. First of all, traveling is not made cheap. Second of all, if you want to go and leave your pets behind, well, that is up to you but ultimately, what if you were left without a choice?

It’s a dire state of affairs when you are put in such a position due to a lack of unreasonable funds to go on forward with your life requirements, especially when you share your experiences with a beloved creature.

Isn’t it hard enough when you cannot enter a restaurant with your pet due to regulations? I mean, imagine if your kids were turned away? Moreover, remember, some people are not fortunate to have children, and therefore this is all they have.

Money Talks

Sadly, at the end of the day, it is evident that if you have money you have more freedom and choice in life. That is the world we live in today. But can and will things actually change? Ever?

A Simplified Routine & Cheaper Cost?

After coming to terms with the difficulties that surround in traveling with pets for whatever reason you may have — whether that be changing homes, business-related trips, sales or exchanges for your animals — Zkylos has come to one conclusion:

Why are we ‘coming to terms with such BULLSHIT terms?’

Therefore — WE WON’T! Also, neither should you!

Zkylos is fighting for equality.

Travel With Animals Made Easy

It shouldn’t be this way anymore, that is for sure. Our lives shouldn’t come to a halt when we are presented with such normal daily routine activities. We live in a world with advanced technology, so why are we not already using the things that are available to us to transform how we live for the greater good?

For example, when it comes to getting your pet’s data together — why is it not that we can have it all stored already on an online database so that we can simply use a one-click process to share that with the relevant bodies who require the information? All this traipsing back and forth accumulating costly fees?

That’s why Zkylos are working hard to develop our platform, so that we can make just that! Plus, for those who love to travel (and who doesn’t?) so that they can do so with ease without leaving their pets behind!

Imagine if you had to leave your kids behind and stick them in a kennel? Ruthless!

Animal & Travel Business & Politics Need To Progress

The fact is, times have changed. What’s more — along with it so should the ability to travel with your pets as well as all the other necessary pet-related requirements any pet owner or breeder should have.

If a market changes, grows let’s say, then so should the services that match that particular market. It is just no use if the development remains stagnant in areas that are flourishing as far as technology meeting the needs of modern society.


Scribbled by Nicky Lawson, Zkylos Representative, August 10th 2018

Throw your hands up for Zkylos and join forces by pushing for a better world where we can freely move around with our family members. Together for a better world, together for better pet ownership.

Please feel free to write your comments below and share your thoughts on the subject. It means a lot to us to understand what the community thinks and we take your feedback seriously so we can implement the relevant changes to create what is the most convenient for you!