Blended video summary, image search and other magic

Jun 13 · 2 min read

I recently launched another fun project called zmMagik. As of now it does 3 things:

  • Creates a composite video of all your events and overlays objects for a quick view. Think “quickly reviewing 24/48/or more hours of video in 30 seconds” in an uber cool way. Example:

That’s right. Each object gets its own time overlay so you can see what happened when TOGETHER. Here is the command that made the above happen:

python ./ --monitors 11 --from "2 days ago" -c config.ini --blend
  • Annotates existing ZM videos, like this:
python ./ -c config.ini --eventid 44063 --dumpjson --annotate --display --download=False --onlyrelevant=False --skipframes=1
  • Has the ability to search gobs of events to see when a specified image was present or not.

For example, just the other day, I put out my trash at 7am. When I came home at 6pm, I found my trash can lid missing.

That is actually what prompted me to write the --find function. So what I can now do is take a snapshot of my trash can when I put it out from some past event like where the lid was on, like so:

And then run zmMagik like so:

python ./ --monitors 11 --find trash.jpg --present=False --from "7am" -c config.ini --write --objectonly=False

And boom, it goes:

==============| Processing Event: 50616 Monitor: 11 (11 of 35)
downloading https://<server>/zm/index.php?view=view_video&eid=50616&username=admin&password=password
Analyzing: 50616.mp4
If frames are matched, will write to output video: analyzed-50616.mp4
fps=5, skipping 2 frames, total frames=433
threshold=0.7, search type=if missing
4%|██████▋ | 19/433 [00:00<00:07, 58.66it/s]
Object missing in 1 frames, starting at 7s
Video of frames written to analyzed-50616.mp4

And makes a nice video of exactly what I wanted to see

Over time, I’ll add more foo.

Checkout the project!


zmNinja — the best open source surveillance mobile app for ZoneMinder NVR


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zmNinja — the best open source surveillance mobile app for ZoneMinder NVR

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