MP4 is boring — GIF is so 2016 Baby!

GIF is dead! Long live GIF! It’s 2016 and GIF is all the rage. If you use social networks, you can’t have missed the ubiquitous GIF animations in Facebook and other sites.

And then the other day, Nest talked about making it easier to share videos. Well, zmNinja is not too far away!

I just added both MP4 and GIF export features. While you need to be on the ZoneMinder H264 branch for video export, if you are not (and most are not), you can still use the amazing in app GIF creator that stiches the frames together and creates a very cool GIF video. Take a look! (This is a GIF of the desktop app — the same feature is supported on Android and iOS too)

Take that Nest! If you gotta be social, you gotta do GIF. video is so, umm, 1990.

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