Announcing Dynamic Pricing from Zoba

Jay Cox-Chapman
Zoba Blog
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2 min readOct 7, 2020


If you operate a shared mobility fleet, you spend a lot of time thinking about moving vehicles. Your drivers are on the road for hours a day, deploying or rebalancing vehicles, and these days, they might have added sanitization to their daily tasks. If you’re in moped or car sharing, rebalancing is especially expensive. However, there’s another group that moves your vehicles ten times as frequently: your customers.

Today, Zoba is launching our Dynamic Pricing product into beta. Dynamic Pricing recommends per-vehicle prices in order to shape demand in a mobility market. By using price signals to encourage users to circulate vehicles, operators enjoy additional revenue, reduced operating costs, and improved fleet performance.

Dynamic Pricing relies on the same underlying models as Zoba Move, our spatial optimization product used by some of the biggest operators in the world. You send us trip events, and we return pricing recommendations via an API call.

A Dynamic Pricing view of a demo fleet in Austin, TX, as seen in the Zoba Portal. Orange dots are vehicles we’ve identified for discounting to encourage circulation; blue dots are full-price vehicles.

Dynamic Pricing works by identifying vehicles that are in low-demand areas and are likely to be ridden to high-demand areas. Our platform then automatically recommends vehicles to be discounted based on their future potential for circulation. Users still get where they need to go, but enjoy a discount. My colleagues Joseph and Evan detailed our approach to our pricing models in a previous post here.

We’re looking for a handful of forward-looking operators to partner closely with us during the beta. Drop us a line at or sign up at